Positivity, future and now…

I took this picture of the amazing sunrise this morning. I love a good sunrise or sunset – but when it’s this vibrant and colourful it fills me with happiness. It reminds me of all the things that I forget in day to day life. Like being grateful for example. Or smiling for no reason. And it reminds me there is magic in the world if you just open your eyes and look. 

We’ve just come into 2017 and usually I start the year by listing a couple of resolutions that I never end up completing for one reason or another. Last years was losing weight – which I did – then promptly put on all I’d lost again. So this year I’m not going to make resolutions – I’m just going to promise to do more of what makes me happy.

I’m going to write more – having officially started my part time hours at work yesterday, I will have more days over the month to combat the fatigue I suffer with the RA and also have more time on my hands to get back into the swing of writing and focus on it much more successfully. I’ve started book 5 (months ago now but it’s started), have a plot outline for book 6 and would love to work more on my demon trilogy. I’m going to work harder on promoting and am even learning to use instagram. 

I’m going to spend more time with my family and friends – more quality time. It’s important to me that my family and friends always know my door is open, my shoulders are willing to share their load if they need, and my ears are always ready to be bent. I hate the thought that anyone feels alone in their battles – I’ve been there before and it’s not a good place to be. So come to me, shout and cry or laugh and giggle – either way time is precious and I’m always happy to give some of mine. 

And I’m going to combat my depression more proactively – I’ve had it since I was in my early 20s and whilst it’s nowhere near as bad now as it has been, it hangs over me like a cloud and some days, the last thing I want to do is smile. I was given some mindfulness books for Christmas so I’m going to get stuck into those and let myself help me to battle the clouds. 

I feel I’ve become more accepting of having RA over recent months – I know it’s never going to go away and I’ll have it forever – but I’d lose sight of the not letting the disease control you part. Admittedly I’ve been ill quite a lot over the last year – flaring and in pain with the fatigue at a horrendous level – this has impacted on so many aspects of my life including my writing. I’m not going to jump straight in and say I won’t letthis disease beat me as we all know that’s more than a little idealistic and naive. But I will work harder against it. I’ll remember to take my meds, I’ll listen to what the doctors say, and I’ll listen to my body and accept that whilst I can’t do what I want all the time, it doesn’t  mean I’ll never do it. 

So no resolutions for me this year – just a belief I can do better at this thing called living. I can look for the magic everyday, and I can be happier. What I have doesn’t define me, who I am does. Today I feel good going forward. And I love that feeling. Whether you’ve made resolutions or not, go into 2017 with a smile on your face. Just with that smile you’re inviting good things to happen. I’m not saying it’ll all be sunshine and roses – but you can do it and all of you can deal with whatever comes. Because you are amazing. Xxx

Time, tears and tinsel…

It’s been a bit of a tough month for the Richardson household. At this moment my hubby, Peter, is in hospital after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis – he’s in pain and currently resisting steroids. He’s been in almost a week now and it’s resulted in me rushing around and generally being stressed – not a good thing when you have RA it turns out. It’s pushed me into a flare and the fatigue is even worse than normal. I’ve also got a bout of sinusitis – so there has been tears. Quite a few infact. I’m not normally one to cry, I fill up easily but rarely actually cry. But it’s not a bad thing to do it – it was embarrassing as it happened at work in front of everyone but it helped me realise what a fab team of people I work with. They were all supportive – my colleagues held my hand and hugged me, and my inspector handled my outburst really well. I’ve always known the majority of my team is great – and this just proved it. I went to the docs and she’s dealing with the other issues that have arisen from me flaring. 

One thing that Pete being in hospital, and me essentially breaking down, has shown me is that there’s never enough time. You all know I have depression – I never hide the fact and know a lot of people find this hard to believe as I’m generally outwardly positive. I’ve suffered since I was in my early 20s – sometimes it’s under control and sometimes it’s not. The ongoing fatigue is just awful and it’s made my depression rear it’s head back up – despite feeling this way though, I’m determined that I won’t be off work too long. Life really is too short not to grab on and do the things you want to do. And I want to work, I enjoy my job. 

I also love my writing – this has dwindled in recent months as it does when I don’t feel good – but in the new year it’s my intention to get back to grips with it and work on book 5. It’ll be easier then as I’m going part-time at work. Best of both worlds that way! 

The final thing I’d like to chat about is tinsel – well technically Christmas in general but tinsel links in and matched the title. Haha. You all know I’m mad about Christmas – I love everything about it. The lights, the tinsel, the decorations, the happy faces and best of all, the magic. I’m not dense enough to believe everyone feels the same – I know a lot of people find Christmas hard for various reasons. I deal with this by giving to charity and giving gifts to the various ventures designed to collect these. I know I can’t help everyone or force my belief about Christmas on others. So I try to focus on the stuff I love about Christmas because that makes me feel good. 

Christmas has always been a time of joy for me – my mum, despite being single parent with low income, always made Christmas special. As kids we were allowed chocolate for breakfast, and we always opened our stocking first. Those who read my blogs regularly know about the stocking – technically it was a woolly sock that my grandad would fill with an apple, pear, satsuma and banana, a few quality street sweets and 50p wrapped in an envelope. It’s one of the things I miss most now he’s gone – it was there every year and it still means so much he took the time to give us that special gift every year. It’s something my mum will do for my kids if we ever get lucky enough to have them. 

2016 has been a tough year for a lot of people I know. There have been losses and illnesses and a whole host of other obstacles. And I’m truly sorry they’ve had to go through what they’ve been through. 2016 for me though, when you push aside health issues as generally that’s not something I can control, has been a good year. I’ve had 3 books published – which still makes me humbled and amazed. In my wildest dreams I wished for my writing to be successful – and it is. So many of you have messaged me, reviewed my books and just been fantastic. My friends and family have supported me through illness, writing and general life and you’re all just amazing. I wanted the end of this blog to be positive – because no matter what happens during the road we travel, life is essentially a spot in time and all we can do is make it our own spot – live it to the full and try our best not to let the bad times rule over the good ones. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas, and make 2017 a good one for you. Keep smiling – it uses less muscles and prevents wrinkles as well as releasing serotonin. So smiling is good. Even if it’s through tears. Lots of love xxx

Holidays, reading and writing…

Well as most of you know, me and Peter went on holiday in October to Cuba – we stayed in a lovely resort and had an absolutely lovely time. It’s nice just being able to relax to be honest – you all know how hard it is for me to stop and holidays kind of force me into that. Cuba is a stunning country – the people are lovely, the landscapes lush and green. And the wildlife is amazing! It was truly a little hole in paradise. We both enjoyed recharging our batteries and relaxing – I could have stayed longer though! 

We landed back home on my birthday – and after a long drive home and a nap after the night flight, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. We picked the dog up and spoilt her lots – funny how much you miss your fur babies when you’re away! I saw my family and spent time with them – my lovely mum had the house spic and span for us on landing so it was great. Then went out with my girlfriends for a fab meal and was spoilt rotten by them too! 

The last few days have passed in a melee of editing and re-reading – book 4 has been safely hidden in my virtual computer drawer for a while and it was time to get it out and see if it was the pile of crap I thought it was or whether there was something there resembling a story. I’m pleased to report on the read through I didn’t hate it half as much as I had in the later stages of finishing it! This one was a slog for so many reasons but primarily because of the RA diagnosis and being ill, it just took so long to write! There were times (oh so many!) that I wanted to throw it away and never look at it again. But as I reread I found myself feeling for the characters I’d painstakingly put together, and wanting to read their stories. So read through complete, chapters applied and it was finally sent off to my wonderful publishers. Now I get to wait with baited breath while they see if they like it enough to publish! 

And I get to continue on with book 5 and also to read again, for me. On holiday I read 7 books – which is low for me but I was still over the moon with that. I caught up on some that had been on my to read list for a year! And I loved every minute of it. I’ve now started the latest Karen Rose – Every dark corner – and I’m loving it. Really glad to see Deacon popping back in as I love him so much. 

Short blog post this time I know – and the next one will be more in depth and I’ll try and update my book list on here too! Take care folks – and as always, keep smiling. 

Holidays, events and whatnots…

Hard to believe it’s blog time again! Isn’t this year just flying over? 

It’s been a strange month really with one thing and another. I had my first RA flare – you all know I’m open about the RA and generally have niggling aches and bad fatigue – but the flare intensified the swelling and pain, and the fatigue. I upped my painkillers – arranged for a steroid jab and was told by the doc to rest so that’s what I did. Resting is beneficial – it’s not something that comes easily to me either. Since being diagnosed I’ve fought against resting as much as I could – generally not listening to my body until quite recently. It’s probably one of the stages everyone goes through when facing such a disease – maybe denial? I’m not sure really but suffice to say I try and listen now. It still takes a lot for me to admit I need to rest but I do it if I have to. 

In resting, this has given me opportunity to get my reading mojo back – it’s been awol for some time but I thoroughly enjoyed the book I read while I was off. When I was a kid I used to read about 15-20 books a week – oh for the days when I had that much time on my hands! Now I read slower but tend to speed read when it’s something I have to read rather than want to read. I do read a lot on holiday though. And I’m hoping to get through around 10 novels in my upcoming holiday to Cuba. I’m really excited for this – as is my husband Peter. We’ve never been long haul and the hotel we’re staying at looks like paradise. This holiday is all down to the royalties I’ve received so far – it feels really good knowing my writing is being well received and I’m earning from it! 

I also spend a good chunk of time on holiday working on my work in progress – which this time, I’m happy to say, is book 5. It doesn’t have a title yet and it’s barely even been started really but I already love it! It’s going to be a corker – the killer is the one of darkest yet and he gives me chills! Always a good sign. 

I took the dog for her her visit to the beach a few weeks ago – she loved it! Ran all over with her sister and had a blast. That’s where the pic above came from. She was exhausted after all the running (she ran not me lol) – made for a quiet evening at home. 

I’ve got a couple of events coming up next week – Thursday I’m part of the Femme Fatale Panel of Sunderland lit fest and am appearing at houghton library with the lovely Sheila Quigley, Danielle Ramsay and Eileen Wharton – will be a good one! And on Saturday it’s the official launch party for I’ve Been Watching You and Time to Play at Sunderland Waterstones from 1pm! Exciting! 

My next blog will be after my hols – I look forward to telling you all about my time in Cuba! Til then take care and keep smiling. X

Anxiety, friends and time…

It’s been a busy month in Chez Richardson with one thing and another. I’ve finished editing book 3, Time to Play, which is due out on 22nd September – this has resulted in little time to do any writing though I have been plotting furiously and thinking about book 5 which I hope to embark on soon. 

Constant editing around the day job means that I don’t see my friends and family as much as I’d like to as I’m holed up with my laptop. So when Pete’s birthday came around in August we decided to head out for the day to Whitby. We had a fantastic day – mooched, went on a boat trip, had fish and chips etc and it was lovely to just get away from things even if just for one day. 

I’ve also caught up with my mum and friends too which has been fantastic. 

The downside to the month is that the fatigue linked to my RA has been so intense and hasn’t shown any chance of letting up yet. Which in turn has set off both my depression and the occasional anxiety I suffer. My chest has been tight and I’ve felt panicky at situations that don’t normally bother me. And it’s a funny thing – the anxiety I mean – I don’t suffer with it often and I rarely panic at anything – but when it occurs I find myself wanting to hole up inside and not leave the house. Very odd for me I know. The depression makes me teary at everything – most people don’t realise this about me but I’m what they call up north ‘a soft tart’ – I can literally cry at anything though I don’t tend to (in front of anyone else anyway) and the meds I’m on help stop this teary thing. But I found myself the other day tearing up at an old man walking down the street – he had a crutch and was walking stooped over as if the world was on his back. It upset me because I doubted he even registered that anyone was looking at him walking along and wondering what his story was. 

Along with the teariness comes irritability and I’m sorry to say it’s poor Pete who sees that. I am addressing it – I know I’ll be fine again – I’ve had depression for years so understand it’s my bodies reaction to stress etc. But in putting the mask on we all hold in place when it comes to mental health, I wonder sometimes if it would be more beneficial not to smile and say ‘I’m fine’ and just be honest and say ‘no actually I feel really low today and want to eat a bar of dairy milk whilst sobbing into a cup of tea’. Naturally I wouldn’t do that – none of us like to burden others with our true feelings or appear vulnerable if the mask slips. But I do wonder if it would be more beneficial. 

Suffice to say I’m very much looking forward to the annual leave I have booked in October. 

I’m glad my editing is done now so I can try and get back to focussing on finishing book 4 and getting started on book 5 – writing, for me, is a release of sorts and it does help me deal with the depression and anxiety. So once I get back to grips I’m sure the next blog post will be from my usual upbeat self. 

It’s times like this I tend to look closer at the things that make me happy. My friends, my family, and all the magic I see. It’s this stuff along with the writing that picks me up and guides me in moving past the darkness. Today’s light included a cuddle off Pete, coffee this morning with my mum, the wisp of strange clouds in the sky as I drove to work, and saying hi to the lovely people I work with. This has all helps me smile today. Look for something tonight that makes you smile. And grab it with both hands. Xx

Harrogate, home and writing …

I got back from the legendary Harrogate Crime Festival yesterday and I have to say it was honestly the best yet. I’ve been going now for about 6 years and it’s just fantastic. I get to meet up with lovely authors, readers, bloggers and those from the publishing and agencies.

I think it felt even more amazing this year because I’ve got books out – had several people come and tell me how much they’ve enjoyed my writing which is just the best feeling ever!

Managed to catch up with some I’ve only met briefly in the past – the lovely Vicky Newham, Noelle Holten, Shell Baker, Tara Lyons, Col Bury, Graham Smith, Sheila Quigley, Ian Ayris, Jo  Evans (and Scott), Ricki Thomas, Danielle Ramsay and so many more! Caught up with some of the fab members of THE Book Club too – Tracy, Helen, Sumaira, Alexina, Sharon and several more too. If I haven’t mentioned you it’s only because my blog post would end up being about 40 pages long! Rest assured though you’re all fabulous whether mentioned or not.

It’s hard to describe what makes going to Harrogate so fantastic. It’s the atmosphere, the venue, the people, the books, the panels and all those little things that don’t translate well into words.

The Thursday is generally people arriving and catching up before the awards party commences. Swiftly followed by more chatting whilst partaking in some of the beverages served in the bar. Friday there are panels to attend and socialising to do – and Saturday there are giveaways, more panels the north versus south football match which the north won – again!! –  more socialising! A lot of people only pop down on a weekend so they rush about as much as they can trying to fit everything in! There is always some gossip – but I’ll be honest and say I rarely partake in gossip though I don’t mind hearing it! 😉

Had a fan girl moment when Peter James recognised me from last year and told me he loved my top – such a nice man! Ended up being interviewed for an author only blog which is to be put out via you tube in the future.

I had a great conversation with the fabulous Kirstie Long who does a lot of PR work and hobnobs with the stars on a regular basis. Such a lovely person to sit and chat to – the hour or so we spent went very fast.

I sold a few books too which is always a good thing – still amazes me that my books are published and available for people to read and enjoy (or not as the case may be – this is equally fine as we all have different tastes). You all know I absolutely love the whole thing about writing – except the editing – and book 3 is currently with the editor! Eek!

Just want to add special thanks here to my amazing publishers – Caffeine Nights did an awful lot to get me on the map and help my name and books, Escape & With Deadly Intent, get known. Bloodhound have been and continue to be absolutely blooming fantastic – I’ve Been Watching You has been in the top 100 paid kindle chart on Amazon now for 26 days!! It was only released a month ago so that’s just fantastic!

Eventually I made my way back home – and was absolutely exhausted and sore but it was worth every moment. I can’t give enough encouragement to get out there and make your dreams come true – because when they do you realise what true happiness is. So go dance in the rain, run through the waves and accept the helping hand when offered. Seize the day and live for it while working for what you want, and be happy doing it with a smile.

Take care lovely people – be your wonderful self and keep smiling! X

Symptoms, signs and smiles…

It’s been a funny old month this last one. One filled with massive highs for a start – like With Deadly Intent getting to no 137 in the Kindle paid chart when it was on promo at 99p for a few days – thanks to Caffeine Nights. 

And the release of my new novel, I’ve Been Watching You, through Bloodhound Books which is doing fantastically well in its first few days! Right now it stands at rank 419 in the kindle paid chart and it’s only been out 3 days! 

I’ve done signings, interviews and generally been kept busy on certain days with writerly things. This gives me a feeling of happiness. it makes me smile knowing people are enjoying my writing – and the reviews I’ve been getting show this even more. Reviews are so important to writers – more so than I can express here in a few words. They help the book rise in the charts thus increasing sales, but it also gives the author a sense that the writing isn’t half as bad as the writer might think – and trust me, I don’t know a writer who believes firmly that their writing is good. There’s always self doubt when it’s finished – worry that it won’t be well received. So it’s fab that readers take the time to review – even if it’s just a sentence it’s so appreciated and I for one read all of my reviews! 

The other side to the month is related to my autoimmune disease. Most of you know I have this – I perhaps don’t go into a lot of details about it or mention my symptoms though. This last month has been really tough – I was only diagnosed a year ago and started medication in November last year which has been gradually increased to the maximum dose which I’m now on. It helps slow the disease progression – unfortunately there is no cure so it’s a case of managing rather than getting rid. It’s taken me a long time to come to terms with the fact that I have something that impacts on my daily life so greatly. Some days aren’t so bad – you get up, struggle downstairs (I’m really stiff on a morning), move my hands around to try and loosen the swelling and crack on, albeit at a generally slower pace than you’re used to. Other days are much worse – with the disease comes a massive amount of fatigue – now I’m not just talking feeling tired – this is something I struggle putting into words. It’s almost like the week after you’ve had flu where you’re completely wiped out and can’t even get up to make a cuppa. This I have most days. I’ve been struggling to drop some hours at work for months – and finally I’ve been able to! In just 10 days I start on new shifts which I hope will help me manage the fatigue side better. It’s hard explaining to people that you have a disease when you don’t look sick. My friends and family understand and have been my rocks – Peter helps me dress if I need it, does the house work, helps me with the things I struggle with like lifting heavy pans etc. And my lovely mum walks slower at my pace, and makes sure it’s not getting me down too much. 

You can imagine that dealing with that has been hard – and I’ll be honest and say my writing has been affected. Luckily – when I’d finished book 1 I just kept writing which meant I had books waiting to be published. Over the last year I’ve written a lot less – it’s easy focussing my attention on promoting and social media – I use my phone for that – my phone’s with me all the time. I’m hoping that when I get used to my new hours, and get additional medication in the coming months that I’ll improve again and be back to it quick smart. 

Until then I want to let you know the things that make me smile: 

Readers – you brighten my days so much when you send me a message or tell me how much you’re enjoying something. And I love reading the reviews and interacting with you all! 

Writers – seeing how well all my writing friends are doing and chatting about the different ways and means of writing. It’s amazing how much we have in common and I’m so looking forward to Harrogate this year. To meet more of the lovely writers and readers! 

Family and friends – always one that makes me smile – I love how supportive everyone is re my writing and life in general. You guys rock. 

Tala – our new pup is a little treasure. We’d both been feeling the hole left by koda, and having a dog in the house is just brill. 

And onto signs – I think signs come in all different forms – they can be destinies way of saying ‘you’re on the right path’ or occasionally the wrong one. In the age we live in, it’s often hard to see the signs the universe gives us – and even harder to believe them. I’ve had a few signs lately that indicate I’m doing the right things with my writing and with work – it feels good to know that. 

I reckon the coming months will be filled with good things – I feel more focussed – and I know my illness is being dealt with. I hope you’re all ok, and I’ll look forward to more chats with you all. Take care – and as always, keep smiling. Xx

Signings, smiles and writing…

Has someone stolen time or something? This last month seems to have flown over! I know I’ve had bits and bobs to do but it feels like I blinked and missed it! 

I’ve had a couple of signings to do which have been fantastic – the response at Sunderland Waterstones (With Deadly Intent is set in Sunderland) was amazing! And I know they’ve ordered more books since which is fab – Darlington Waterstones was great too – it was a quiet day in town and still people popped in! I’m signing today at Waterstones Northallerton and then on 4th June at Waterstones Metro Centre (Gateshead) – so exciting having people buy my book and it’s been getting fantastic reviews! I’m so grateful for that – it makes me very happy knowing people are enjoying it. 

I think I mentioned in the last blog that I’ve signed a 3 book deal with another publisher, Bloodhound Books. I’ve had a few people ask me why and just to clarify, it’s not because of any issues with Caffeine Nights who published With Deadly Intent – they’re fab and did a great job on book 1. It was simply a case of weighing up the options and ultimately ended up that the offer was too good to pass up. 

I have some fab news too – you may or may not know that I’ve been struggling a little with the ending for book 4 – it just wouldn’t flow, everything I wrote was clunky, I couldn’t get it to say what I wanted it to etc. It almost got to the point where I gave up completely and just figured it might be time to bin it. But I decided instead to put it to bed for a while instead. I’m not going to look at it for a couple of months and hopefully when I reread it the ending will appear and it’ll be done in no time. This has meant however, that I’ve now started book 5!! Which may end up being book 4 in the series but still, I started it!! I wrote 3500 words over 2 days – and then another 1200 while I was away with mum earlier this week – and then my hard drive decided to corrupt the file containing the first 3500 words and I lost it! So I now have to rewrite! Lol. But I started it – and I already love the characters and what’s been covered so far. It’s going to be filled with action this one! 

I had a lovely short break away with mum earlier this week – a couple of nights in a nice hotel with a spa – the only thing I’d have changed was that it could have been longer. But she’s now disappeared on holiday to Turkey so it couldn’t have been anyway! Me and Pete are looking after the two pups and mums bichon, Alfie. It’s all go with two pups like! 

I get the next book back soon from the editor – I really hope you guys like this one. I love all my characters but there’s something about Ben that pulls at my soul. She’s amazing – and don’t worry, you’ll find out why she’s called Ben when you read it! I know it’s an odd name for a female character. I’ve got the cover design now but can’t show you yet – as soon as I can though I will! It’s fab and creepy. 

I’ve been suffering a bit with my autoimmune disease of late – the fatigue has been horrendous for ages, and though the pain is much less than it was this time last year thanks to my meds, it’s still there every day. I’ve finally sorted out a slight drop in my hours at work – am hoping this will bring back a little normalcy and lessen the symptoms a bit. Hasn’t stopped me smiling though – this last month has been full of meeting new people, my first ever online chat at UK Crime Book Club on Facebook – I’ve another chat booked for Crime Book Club on Facebook in June too. It’s been a brill month! I’m so lucky to be able to write, and interact with all you lovely folk. I honestly count my blessings every day – it amazes me how amazing people are. Yes you see some scumbags and nasty folk – but mostly people are fantastic. And you guys – as well as my close friends and family – are the most fantastic of all. Never give up on your dreams my friends – believe in yourselves. And as always, keep smiling. Xx

Launches, reviews and festivals …

Wow can you believe it. My book With Deadly Intent has finally been released! I was interviewed by the lovely Eileen Wharton who stood in for Sheila Quigley who was poorly in hospital, at my launch party on 15th April. Eileen did a great job – the questions were thoughtful and interesting. Was amazed to see so many people there too! Around 45 people attended – lots of friends and family, colleagues and a few lovely people who came from the advertisements in papers and at the library. There was cake (made by my lovely friend Rachel) wine and lots of good cheer and I enjoyed myself immensely. 

This led onto the book going out for review copies to various online book clubs and bloggers – The Book Club, UK Crime Book Club, and Crime Book Club being the most prominent. Sincere thanks to all who read it and provided reviews – it makes me so happy to see people enjoying it. I know lots who attended the launch have also added reviews and it’s so much appreciated. Hard to explain how important reviews are – not just in relation to gathering more sales and increasing the books presence on the likes of Amazon, but also for me – the comments I’ve had on the book have been fantastic and a real boost for me. As an author I worry constantly that it’s not good enough, or people won’t like it, etc. But you guys make me believe that it is good enough. So THANK YOU. 

I admit to getting a little OCD about checking Amazon rankings and the like! 

It’s been a great month. As well as my book coming out, I was offered a 3 book deal for the next 3 in the series by Bloodhound Books which is just fantastic! Am over the moon that they believe in my writing enough to offer such a thing and look forward to working with the team. 

Newcastle Noir ran from 29th April to 1st may – I headed up on the train with Eileen and had a fab day on Saturday, chatting  and catching up. Was lovely. Unfortunately couldn’t make the Sunday due to illness but can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great north east crime festival to attend. 

I leave you now with a smile on my face and a heart full of love. You guys rock. Xx

Releases, excitement and happiness …

Words cannot explain my excitement at receiving these very limited hard copies of Escape – Caffeine Nights has done a fantastic job on them and they’re just brilliant! I’ve given a canny few away in competitions and what not and what’s left now will be held back for freebies at the launch party of With Deadly Intent when that comes out next month. 

I’m over the moon with the response – the fact people have clicked buy even though it’s chargeable on Amazon (it wasn’t meant to be but they don’t seem to want to price match the zero cost on kobo etc) – and of course I have to mention the fantastic 5* reviews – obviously as a writer I know how important reviews are – don’t know if a lot of readers do though – they help a book/story climb the Amazon charts and be more visible. Which in turn can result in more sales and so on. Also it gives the writer a little reassurance. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve doubted whether it’ll be any good, whether people will like it, whether I’m even cut out to be a writer. Getting these reviews gives me a boost – it reiterates that maybe I am doing the right thing, maybe it is something I can do! 

The photo of me above was taken by a journalist who writes for the internal police magazine – she did an interview also which is fab – for those who I work with it’ll be in the April edition. 

I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone who’s asked for a copy, clicked on Amazon or kobo etc, or even just been supportive in any way. Without you guys this adventure that is writing wouldn’t be possible. You’re all awesome. 

Have a fantastic Tuesday – and as always, keep smiling! 

Crime Author, Blogger and generally nice person :-)

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