The Road Less Travelled – April 2012 (copied from previous blog)

Well what an eventful few weeks.

Myself and my husband went to see Diversity (the street dance crew) – front row tickets with meet and greet with all the boys. It was a fabulous experience, at my mature age of 34, to meet a fellow dreamer. Ashley Banjo (@therealashbanjo) has built himself and Diversity from a London dance troop with a dream, to the winners of Britain’s Got Talent, then judge on Got to Dance as well as Secret Street Crew. The group have done two UK tours and are living their motto of Dream Believe Achieve. This motto has coincidentally been one I have lived by for many years myself.

When I started Uni to do my degree, with the support of my amazing husband, it was a hard ride, working all the hours under the sun on a mix of uni and paid employment. There were times I thought I would fail, times I struggled and more than a few tears shed over what now seems silly. But it proved worth it when I started working in the field of my degree and those dreams I believed in were achieved.

I then opted for my Masters which was a full-time course, and I completed this whilst working full-time – again a hard slog but worth it.

I found myself wondering this week how to expand my writing experience as I no longer do the job I love to do through budget cuts and the like, and feel it’s time now to focus on writing both professionally as well as personally. I emailed a few contacts in the hope of expanding on my writing experience for the purpose of building my CV. It didn’t take much to realise that whilst I write regularly, it’s pretty hard to reflect that accurately without having a backbone on my CV.

The results of this networking has been simply outstanding. I am in talks about writing a newsletter on a regular basis for a local organisation on a volunteer basis, and I have been offered a paid guest lecture slot with the University for next years class, subject to be agreed.

I have also had some business cards printed up, and managed to get several short stories written and edited for competition, as well as working on my novel.

I think it’s important to remember that whilst all of this is amazing, and I am extremely pleased with these opportunities, that sometimes we have to actually search for what we want to achieve.

It’s not always an easy path, travelling the one less travelled (as I’m sure Robert Frost would agree) but much of the time it opens your eyes to new and beautiful things and encourages your heart to feel.

So whether that road is down the path of writing, or whether it is something in your own life, remember that those who try and want something badly enough are the ones that succeed. If you choose to sit on your behind and not pursue those dreams, then this is your decision and you must be willing to accept that not all dreams will be destined to come true.

But if you really want those dreams to come true, apply a little effort, believe in your dreams and I have no doubts they will be achieved.

Just thinking – March 2012 (copied from previous blog)

I can’t believe how time flies! It’s been a while since my last blog, which when you consider that originally I wanted to be able to fit in a weekly blog, says a lot!

I’ve been caught up with the run of the mill stuff, decorating the house, working, just generally living really – but I haven’t dedicated my writing time very well. Now don’t get me wrong, that’s not to say I haven’t been writing – infact I’ve probably written more in the last few weeks than I did the whole previous month. But a lot of it has been non-creative writing. Application forms, emails and the like. Still, writing is writing 🙂


I met up this evening with a group of people I did my Ma with at Uni. We discuss various things in group, usually writing and what we are working on, what books we read, and what inspires us. That kind of thing. This week though the group seemed charged with something a little different. And it’s this inspiration that forms the basis for this particular blog.


All too often we become absorbed in our lives and fail to notice the things going on around us. We take for granted many things that in reality we should be thankful for. I was driving the other day and in the process of driving one particular road, I found myself getting quite annoyed at people for not saying thank you when I stopped to give way. By the time I drove the same road home, I was so annoyed that I found myself passing as someone else gave way, and failing to say thank you myself! That, along with my group meeting tonight, have made me realise that I have more to be thankful for. I am thankful for the people in my life whom I love, and inspire me in many ways. I am grateful I have people to tell me the truth even when I don’t want to hear it. I’m thankful for the ability to read and write, and get very sad when I think there are people who don’t get the opportunities I may be passed. I’m grateful for the chance to try for my own children, despite this being a long process, and thankful that I know one day we’ll succeed.


Just living our lives can often seem like an uphill battle, and it’s all too easy to forget to be thankful for what we have, what we want and what we hope for. Hopes and dreams are natures way of ensuring we always want for something, I can’t imagine one person who has everything they ever wanted. I would think if one had everything, then how would one live?

The things around – January 2012 (copied from previous blog)

Well in the week or so since my last blog, I have to be honest and say not a lot of actual writing has gone on. However, an awful lot of idea theorising has. I’m generally a ‘sit in starbucks to form my characters’ kind of girl, but this week I’ve made conscious efforts to think about things I see in daily life and make notes on these in relation to potential plots, or just snippets of information.

I understand that most writers do this, and know that its a tool, which I do utilise, in theory of course.

Actually opening my eyes and looking though, considering how something I see could be used in my writing, and making the notes that mean it won’t be forgotten is something I really enjoyed. I watched some street dance and also some irish dancing and thought about ways that crime could be committed with these themes in mind. Suddenly I had a wealth of new character ideas and plot ideas written down in my ever ready moleskine.

I even registered for world book night to be a giver, and by thinking about who I would give books to and why, I was led to think about the homeless and how crime affects them.

A strange coloured car passed me on the street, where was it going? Who was inside? And even better than that, who was in the boot?

I guess what I’m trying to say in my round about, overly explanative way, is that life gives subjects to write about – many people will think ‘oh one day I might write a book’, less people will think ‘I’ll write a book soon’ and even fewer will actually get around to starting to write. But when you think of all the things you could write, surely then its time to jump off the sofa, and actually start doing it!

I actually have a few hours free time now in my busy schedule, and I am using the time wisely. This blog entry will serve as a reminder to me to always ‘see’ and to always write.

As always, I write because I can and I can because I write. 🙂

Not Being Technical – January 2012 (copied from previous blog)

So I’ve seen blogs from authors and also from random people – after completing and graduating from my masters in creative writing at the back end of 2011, I decided it was time to see what these blog sites are all about.

I’m not very technical (I know, hard to believe right?) but somehow I have managed to at least get the basic set up complete.

I will naturally add more info when I’m in the comfort of my own home – provided I can find the location again.

The heading seems quite apt for an up and coming writer (at least that’s how I think of myself). My first novel is a work in progress, but I have managed to do several competition entries lately – fingers crossed!

Did a quick 60 word flash fiction today which I’ve submitted to a well known womens mag – time now to sit back and see what happens.

At this stage I’m not entirely sure who will want to read my blog, or indeed what I will write – more research required perhaps – however this none technically minded female will do her utmost for the sake of writing and reading, and naturally for understanding.

I write because I can, and I can because I write.

Laters 🙂

Crime Author, Blogger and generally nice person :-)

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