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I grew up in a one parent family in North East England, living with my mum Jeannet and my brother Michael. I did all the normal things as a kid, climbed trees, and garage roofs, spent hours gossiping in the tent in the back field with my mates, and always wrote. Since being really young, perhaps my earliest memory is of hand writing small books, stapling the sides and giving them to teachers and other people as gifts. I also read constantly, Enid Blyton was a particular favourite, but I loved the Hardy Boys and books by Willard Price too. Obviously as I aged, my book choices aged with me, and I was drawn to the likes of Patricia Cornwell and Jonathan Kellerman through my early teens. I did well at school, and back then didn’t know what I wanted to do other than my life-long wish to work for the Police. After damaging my knee it became apparent I would never become a police officer, so I enrolled at University of Teesside in 2004 and began studying. I passed my Bsc Crime Scene Science in 2008 and began working in the forensics field. I found it to be challenging and extremely satisfying, seeing things I could never have imagined, or rather probably had imagined in some way or other but it was very different when it was brought to life so to speak! My already active imagination began working overtime, and I chose to complete my MA Creative Writing whilst working full time. I passed my MA in 2011, using the first 15,000 words of my first novel as a thesis. Since that time I have completed a short story, Escape, and my first novel, With Deadly Intent, which was published in April 2016 by Caffeine Nights Publishing (http://www.caffeine-nights.com).

I was then signed for a 3-book deal with Bloodhound Books – book 1 in the linked Forensic Files Series, I’ve Been Watching You, was published on 24th June 2016 and book 2 in the series, Time To Play, soon followed in the September. The third in the series, Watch You Burn was released in 2017, and the fourth, Under the Woods released 24th April 2018. The latest, From The Dark was released in November 2018 and I’m currently working on book 6 as well as a new romantic suspense series.

I read as often as I can, and my taste still bends towards the crime genre (surprising huh?) – big fan of Karen Rose, Mo Hayder, and David Baldacci among a melee of others. I enjoy speaking with like minded authors, or just authors in general, and quite often get asked to proof-read final copies of friends books before they go to print. I love interacting with readers and getting to know them, their likes and dislikes and learning constantly.

I still live in the North East with my wonderful, extremely patient husband Peter, who supports me in everything I do and believes in me wholly. My aims for the future at the present time, are to keep doing signings, keep attending various writing festivals and interacting with lovely readers and authors. And to write. Lots. And read. Lots.

6 thoughts on “About me

  1. Carol Mannone

    Just finished With Deadly Intent, but must do some work at the office before starting the next one – I’ve Been Watching You. Great book – couldn’t put it down. Thanks, from Ontario Canada

    1. Kerryrichardson77 Post author

      Hi Carol – so glad you enjoyed with deadly intent – and a huge wave from across the sea! 👋🏻 – thanks so much for letting me know and I hope you enjoy I’ve been watching you as much – though I hope it doesn’t take you away from your work for too long! 😊 have a great day – and thanks again! X

  2. Doreen

    Enjoyed all three books in the series and looking foreward to the next one. Also enjoyed talking to you in Waterstones in Sunderland yesterday[I was the one who lives in Hetton le Hole which you used as a site in your book]. Looking foreward to more of your books. Keep up the good work.

  3. Michelle Maynard

    I have just found your books and have the just bought the first one on my Kindle – although we live in Australia (I am Australian my husband is from the North East and went to Teesside Uni) I love reading books set in that part of the country so I am looking forward to and separate to the setting it looks a good read anyway!

    1. Kerryrichardson77 Post author

      Hi Michelle – sorry for delay in replying – have been away and still on catch up. Hope you enjoy with deadly intent! Let me know when you’re done. And thanks so much for commenting on here xx


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