Feelings, and being lost in thought…

Is it really February already? What happened and who stole January? That really was a blink-and-you-miss-it kind of month!

I’m extremely happy with everything right now – sure there are things I would change (isn’t there always?) but I am content at the stage at which everything is progressing.

From what I hear January has been a busy month for us all! My highlights of January bullet pointed below:

*  Novel 1 – finished! (draft 1 anyway)

*  Novel 2 – started

* Website up and running (with minimal teething problems despite my website inexperience!)

*  Facebook author page set up

*  Twitter connecting ongoing

And that’s just the writing related stuff!

It’s very hard to describe the feeling of finishing a novel – I’m sure that other writers out there will agree, whether crime writers or not. There’s a feeling of euphoria – you can’t stop smiling for days because it’s finished! Sadness – it’s time to move onto the next project and let those characters, who you’ve come to know so well, go (unless you’re using them again in the next book). Hope – this is where we hope our editor can help fix our wrongs and help make the book even better, and then we can hope to find an agent and get published. Satisfaction – yes, it’s really finished! Anticipation – it’s hidden away now before the editing can commence, I can’t look at it or read it. There are a multitude of other feelings that I personally have felt and am feeling currently but I will be honest and say it feels great! I’m quite happily embracing all of them, whether good or bad, and acknowledging that finishing book one is a fantastic feat!

I had planned to take a couple of weeks off writing, so my head would be fresh for book 2 – but do you know something, I’ve found this just isn’t possible! My good friend and author Victoria J Brown said I’ve ‘fallen into the addiction zone’ and that’s exactly what it feels like! I have so many ideas running around my head and have found myself lost in thought so often that I have had to start my character profiles and research, which subsequently means even more ideas! So I made the decision that if it’s there, and it’s ready to come out, then it must get started.

My wonderful hubby Pete did all the cleaning yesterday, and after a nice coffee in town with a friend, I am sitting down and hitting the keyboard! Novel 2 has officially begun!

You may notice (if you are a past reader of my blogs) that this is relatively early in the month for me to write my blog – the reason for this is that I intend to write more often (Oh no I hear you all cry – jokingly of course) – my iPad has now been linked with a home screen app so make this so much easier!

Finally I would just like to say a quick thank you to all my new followers – either on twitter (@kerryann77) or on my facebook page (K A Richardson) or on here (you can sign up to obtain post alerts by email) – ah the wonders of modern technology!

Take care everyone – have a great month xxx

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