Apologies, Christmas and sparkles

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my last blog!! That’s such a long time! I’m really sorry for not finding time sooner!!And yet the 3 months has totally flown over. Isn’t it funny that the older you get the faster time seems to go?

A few things to mention so here goes! I had my dreaded 40th in November – and do you know I was whisked away and treated by all my lovely friends so it actually turned out to be an amazing birthday! The lovely Vicky took me for a writing day at hardwick hall near darlington which was just fantastic. My beautiful friends Ange, Dee and Rach took me for afternoon tea at Rockcliffe Hall (posh much!), Claire took me for a spa and afternoon tea in Durham and Eileen took me to the farm for a lovely lunch. It was honestly fantastic! Not to mention the rather special eternity ring off my wonderful husband Peter, or the Swan Lake tickets off my mum!!! All in all an amazing birthday and I’m well and truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

I’ve also been busily writing and getting work done on book 5 which is due for publication end of April 2018. I’m loving this story – I love Jackson Doherty and it was definitely about time TJ Tulley got her own story!

Then of course there was getting all Santa’s wrapping done – I often help him with the wrapping as he’s so busy this time of year and his elves are just run off their feet and complaining there’s not enough hours in the day! So I buy a few gifts and wrap them up ready to go! My house is decorated for the festive period and I love the sparkly lights associated with Christmas and the melee of colour that bursts forth. I actually adore Christmas – those who read my blog regularly will all know that I love to give gifts and this is the perfect time for me to spoil those special people for being so awesome!!

My plans for the rest of the month include much writing, much happiness and many smiles. And I hope you guys get everything you wish for and more! Greet the new year with a grin and let the happiness begin. Take care lovely people – and keep smiling!!

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