Random Thoughts – November 2012 (copied from previous blog)

Most months my blog subject comes to me with a little ray of light saying ‘aaaahhhhh’.


This month however not so much. Perhaps it’s due to me being tired and run off my feet doing overtime to pay for the lead up to christmas, or perhaps, and this is probably more accurate, I’m allowing myself to become a little numb, a little out of tune to the things surrounding me due to some issues going on personally.


That, and my ipad has suddenly decided it doesn’t like me posting my blog!


So this blog is going to be a little random, a bit of a mix up of things that occur to me as I write.


My novel is luckily not affected by my current lack of …. whatever this is 🙂 – managed to write a few thousand words and get through my third murder with relative ease – am actually looking forward to the next 20k words! Action is the name of the game!


I am heading up to Scotland this weekend with my lovely mum. It’s a last minute surprise visit – my aunt and uncle were supposed to visit us but my uncle is in ill health and they had to cancel – so we are going there to surprise them instead! It’ll be lovely – rolling countryside, a nice hotel, and my trusty ipad in hand. My aunt lives in the middle of nowhere – literally wildlife everywhere, huge hills and long forests – in other words perfect to write! I could quite happily live there given half the chance.


I met with my writing group last week – well we are more of a chatter group I suppose. We were all on the Ma course together and meet once every month or two, eat snacks and talk about our writing – and our problems. Gotta love group therapy. They’re an ace group though – with my group and my friends/family, it’s great knowing there are people around who understand when I need a little understanding.


Speaking of writing groups, I’m looking into starting my own in the new year. Location to be confirmed, but with the help of people I know, I anticipate it being structured and aimed at normal people who just want to write. I will naturally keep the blogosphere updated with this exciting news. If this is a success, I may look into starting a kids writing group too but we shall see. No running before we can walk!


On other fronts, thinking positively definitely works. As per The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne, I envisioned myself in the job I mentioned applying for a month or two back – and I got offered the job! There are some hurdles to overcome prior to a definitive start date – the job is only part time and I require full time hours so am working with my current place of work and new employers to come to an amicable agreement that suits all parties – but hopefully it shall all go smoothly and I anticipate starting sometime in the new year.


Looks like 2013 is going to be a big year doesn’t it? New job, new writing group, finished first novel (hopefully as soon into the new year as I possibly can!) Using my new found belief in positivity to bring some luck my way also. When at Slimming World last I was slimmer of the week one week and received a magnet that says ‘It it’s meant to be, it’s up to me’. It’s become somewhat of a mantra. That and a poem called Don’t Quit which just says it all.


Yes it has been a tough month – I don’t admitting at times I feel like I am going a little nuts. But it’s also been productive and good things have happened. So I will continue to think positively – and I’m 100% certain the next blog will be back to my normal jolly old self – it is the month of christmas after all. And we all know what happens at christmas – pure magic, that’s what! Bring it on.

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