Snowdrops, Daffodils and the little things …

Isn’t the pic on this weeks blog lush? I nabbed it from internet though so it’s not one of mine. But it perfectly captures this time of year! I have a small cluster of snow drops on my front lawn that appears every year without fail. It’s completely random and always makes me smile. And I love the colour of daffodils – just as winter starts releasing it’s grasp on the country we live in, the daffodils pop up and remind us vibrantly that the spring is just around the corner.

It’s been a funny couple of weeks since my last blog, not funny haha, just funny. I’ve been ill for a start, really ill! Have had acute sinusitis with two (i dont do things by half) retracted eardrums. Literally exhausted and couldn’t move off the couch. Have been ill now for three weeks and am still lethargic and lacking in energy despite antibiotics and steroid sprays! I’ll get there though 🙂

Unfortunately the illness meant the week I took off to focus on just writing didn’t come about as I was too ill! Over the last couple of days though, I have managed to get a few thousand words down which feels amazing! Have about three thousand handwritten words to type up too but need to finish the chapter I’m on before I can do those (I’m terrible for having to write consecutively – the handwriting jumped ahead of where I should have been quite by accident!) I did manage to get four more submissions sent off to agents before I was struck down also though so fingers crossed. I’ll be taking a day next week and focussing on competition entries and submissions though. There’s been a few of late, and my facebook page has been sharing like mad when the opportunities have arisen. As much as I’d love to win the all important publishing deal, I know other people would too and am very fair so wouldn’t not share the opportunity with my writerly friends. After all, all’s fair in love and writing. 😉

As I was writing this week, my fingers suddenly typed something I didn’t realise. Marlo has a secret! Something big too, not a small secret! A secret where she hears screams in her mind. Now I’m going to be mean and not tell you what the secret is, you’ll have to wait and see! On the plus side though, the working title of the novel has finally come to me. It’s taken it’s sweet time like, normally I get the title when I write my novel plan. But anyway, the title for book 3 is …. TIME TO PLAY. And it’s going to be a doozy. It’s writing well so far and the characters are fantastic.

Book 4 plot lines are already starting to show themselves too! These get written in my old faithful moleskine and will be pulled out at a later date!

Editing on book 2 is going slowly but it is going, though I haven’t done any in the last few weeks. It will get done and finished though. Though I must admit the task is somewhat daunting – I’m one of those who hate proper editing!

Just touching on fear (indirect link to the word daunting above), it is definitely our fears that hold us back and the only way to get over those fears is to confront them head on. A good friend is having a minor op today at the hospital but is really afraid as hasn’t had many. I’m not afraid of hospitals or operations, I’ve had too many on my sinuses to be afraid, but there are things I am afraid of. I am petrified of spiders, I may have mentioned this before, freezing in fear level of petrified. And wasps, though that’s more down to being allergic to wasp venom. They’re evil little so-an-so’s. Then there’s the normal fears that most people put up with, social/life fears I call them. Those little niggles that say ‘you can’t do that’ or ‘what if this happens’ or ‘why doesn’t he/she like me’. I think as I grow older these fears mean less, I tend to be quite open and honest, and have grown into the mindset that if people don’t like me as I am, with all my bells and whistles, then they’re not worth my fear. I no longer worry about offending people (I’m actually really polite to everyone lol), I say what I think though, and slowly but surely I am learning the word no, where I used to be very much a yes person. I don’t live my life by what ifs and maybes – I now live day to day and search actively for the things that make me happy, and aim to help the people around me be happy also. Happiness is the most important thing, and if the one thing this journey into positive thinking has taught me is that thinking this way brings things forth, well then that’s what I do!

I said in my new year blog that this year will be fantastic and that I will be lucky. It’s definitely been the case so far! You all know about my luck when complaining, and the tax man has just sent me a tidy rebate which will be paying for the remainder of my Harrogate trip (where might I add, JK Rowling is also attending this year!!) So a huge THANK YOU to the universe for listening and recognising that I am sending these vibes and reciprocating! I look forward to many more vibes being exchanged and much more luck and of course, happiness 🙂

I’ll sign off now lovely people, but I’ll leave you with a task if I may. There’s a thing on facebook at present called 100 days of happiness, it basically involves taking a photo of something that makes you happy every day and posting it. I’m not asking you to do that – just look around each day and find one thing that either makes you grateful or raises a smile – and just be thankful that that is there. It’s such an easy ask I promise! Several things have made me smile today in the hour I’ve been up for. A bird eating nuts on the tree out the back. the dog wagging his tail at me to say good morning, the taste of my hot cup of coffee when I took that first sip, the birthday wishes sent to a friend, and even the sprinkling of rain drops on my windows. And the best bit is there’s no limit on how many things can make you smile! So go on and give it a go, and don’t let it stop!

Take care lovely people, and keep smiling 🙂

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