Chills, stories and luck …

It’s been a while since my last post purely because of the amount of work I’ve been trying to get through, and also the fact that I’ve had cold, yet again! If you can believe that I’m generally someone who doesn’t get colds all that often, this particular winter has not been a good one. With weeks and months of sinusitis, and waking up yesterday with my third head cold in as many months I feel it may be time to resort to desperate measures! A friend of mine swears by lemon and ginger tea, now I’m not a fan of flavoured tea but at this stage I feel it’s time to give it a go. It’s funny, when I was a CSI and out and about constantly, you’d have thought I suffered a higher exposure to illness but it’s office working that does it!

‘Enough of the whining,’ I hear you cry. ‘Let’s hear about all the other stuff, the interesting stuff. Like writing!’

Ok so as you know book 1 is finished, book 2 is being edited and book 3 has been started. The trouble with editing and writing at the same time is you sometimes lose track of where you are, or what you’re working on. Yesterday for example, I submitted book 1 to numerous agencies, but with each agent wanting something different you have tailor each submission to suit. So it takes time, yesterday morning I got four submitted and one prepped for paper submission. Then I worked on book 3 because when it’s been quiet at work I’ve been frantically penning by hand and thought it was time to move this into the novel so that the structure starts to form. Trouble with this is that although you realise where you need to add other bits, it can also make you realise that the story is progressing a little too fast. Marlo and Ali are crying out to be heard and my poor fingers can’t type fast enough to keep up with them! It’s a challenging story to write anyway, getting into the head of my bad guy and realising that maybe, although he appears evil and does what normal people would consider evil things, he’s actually just a normal guy with his own problems is quite an eye opener. I love it when a character surprises me – like Connor for example. He’s the new guy on the dive team, and wow is he conflicted. I sense a story of his own coming around at some point – there’s much more to Connor than meets the eye. And what skeletons does Marlo have in her closet, she definitely has some, I know because she brought the fact to my attention quite suddenly. But what they are will only be disclosed as the novel progresses. And as for Ali, he’s similar to Alex, his brother, in a lot of ways, but in others he’s vastly different. Why does he doubt his ability to do the job, why doesn’t he date? Again these are questions that will become clear as the novel continues forward. No spoilers from me!

I’m a believer in luck, or fate, or karma or whatever you want to call it. I firmly believe that those who do bad things will get bad things back ten fold, and that those who do good things work to keep the balance and hopefully receive things in return. It’s been a few weeks for that return for me – vouchers from coca cola paid for the weeks pop for me and Pete, voucher from Sainsburies provided a cheap week of shopping and a voucher from JD Weatherspoons will result in a nice meal out for me and Pete when times are tough for all of us. This is because I’ve taken to complaining when things are not good, we all stand in the wings and have a whinge when we aren’t happy but how many of us actually do something about it? I decided I would start complaining about the bad stuff in January, if only as a way to point out potential improvements. So far the universe has been very giving in it’s responses. I will continue to complain when receiving bad service or goods, but I also say when I’ve had exceptionally good service. Like yesterday for example. Text message to my mobile from EE saying I had exceeded my data usage, now being that I use an iphone and my data usage, though high, comes nowhere near my allocation of 6gb per month, I phoned to ensure all was well and to see if I could change my tariff down (in an attempt to cut costs for me and Pete more in these times of financial hardship that everyone is facing). The lady I spoke with was lovely, friendly and very helpful. The text, it turns out, was an error, and though she couldnt drop my line rental she could offer a further 15% discount on my line rental until it allowed her to change the tariff. Now that’s good service.

And in Asda this morning, the checkout girl could see I was about to sneeze whilst trying to pack my shopping. There was no-one behind me so she wasn’t in a rush to get rid of me (unless she didn’t want my germs which is completely understandable), but she packed my shopping for me whilst I rifled in the pit that is my handbag for a tissue. Not required, but lovely service. And with a smile too.

So today I resolve not to sit on the couch and sniffle to myself under a blanket, feeling excessively sorry for my poorly self. Instead, I’m going to go for a walk, get a bit of fresh air and hopefully pass a little of my luck onto other people. I might even have a mooch into town for some well earned people watching, whilst actively smiling and chatting to people I may see. Yes some will think I’m nuts no doubt, but if just one person smiles back then it’s been a good day.

I hope you all have a fantastic day too, and a fantastic week. I’m looking forward to seeing psychic tomorrow evening, and chatting with some of my wonderful friends. I’m enjoying my week off and aim to get lots of writing, editing and submitting done! And I hope to finish reading the book I’m currently about half way through, Dead Gone by Luca Veste – if you haven’t read it Asda are doing a very reasonably priced copy for £3 or you can pick it up of Amazon on kindle for pennies.

Take care everyone, and keep smiling 🙂

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