Happy New Year, this is gonna be a good one …


Well that’s it for another year! Christmas has been and gone, the decorations are down and the house is back to normal. I’m one of those people who loves getting my decs up early but I also love taking them down too. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and New Year?

My Christmas was a nice quiet one this year. I was off work (an unusual treat) and we had lunch at my mother in laws, then headed to my mums for chicken sandwiches at tea time. Was lovely just to spend time with family – and I got some fabulous presents! I probably shouldn’t have favorites for fear I might offend someone by not mentioning theirs, so I should say now I loved all my gifts, but the ones that stick out was a canvas of my wedding bouquet off my mum, Fast and Furious box-set off Petes mum, a wonderful diary off my friend Ange, and the most apt and amazing notebook off my hubby (for those who know me I am a huge fan of all things Lord of the Rings related, and he got me a new Moleskine notebook with the hobbit theme!) I got lots of other amazing gifts too but I won’t put them all on here or you’ll be reading forever as I was spoilt rotten!

New year was a quiet affair, I was again off work. It was my first new years eve off in a long time, so we decided that despite being invited to a friends, we would spend new year together, just us. We bought in a couple of tipples that we didn’t even crack open, and watched TV. At midnight we had a kiss and left our troubles from 2013 behind by going out of the back door. It was a lovely evening.

This last couple of weeks has passed in a blur – sometimes time goes so fast I wish I had a remote control so I could rewind when I think I’ve missed something!

‘Last year I vowed to be more positive and that really paid off. Think this year I’ll be more lucky, more determined and do more of what makes me happy. I’ll appreciate my friends and family even more than I already do, and look for magic every day, whether that be the smile from a stranger, the laughter of a child, or the flutter of fairy wings on a breeze. 2014 is going to be a great year – I know because I’ll make it so.’ This was my status on facebook in relation to new years resolutions, and I stand by them. Part of doing what makes me happy is writing. And I’ve definitely been doing that over the last couple of weeks! I should have been editing but a little procrastination has taken place until I receive my edits back from the wonderful Jenny Drewery (www.thewriterthebetter.co.uk) which should hopefully be today! EEK! Lots of editing to do! But instead of wasting time on other things I have instead been focussing on book 3. Still struggling with a title but it’ll come. It’s just at the point where we’re getting to know the characters, and where the story is going. I love Marlo, she’s so sassy and loyal. She’s got a history of course, who doesn’t? But she’s so fierce and passionate about everything. And Ali, Alex’s brother, well he’s just an all round good guy. He pretends to be all tough when really all he wants is a little sunshine in his life. Then there’s little Elvie, Elvie is confused, scared, but she’s a tough nut. Will she live through her ordeal though, that’s another question. And the bad guy? Well he’s just deliciously evil! So bad in fact, I don’t think he has a good side. Am looking forward to exploring even more and bringing them to life!

One of the resolutions listed above was to be more lucky this year – this to me is taking charge of luck and making sure you do all you can to make it go your way. I’m not a natural complainer, most of the time I will not send things back if they’re cold when eating out, won’t take things back to the supermarket if they’re bruised etc. However, I purchased some diet coke from Sainsburys a few weeks ago and hadn’t realised the lid was loose. It subsequently leaked all over the car seat which meant a good clean was required. I complained to coca cola and to Sainsburys, well actually not even so much a complaint as an expression of disappointment. I did not expect to receive £5 coca cola vouchers from the coke company, and a £35 gift card off Sainsburys to cover the cost of a valet! To say I am over the moon is an under statement. Excellent customer service from both parties, and a definite encouragement to stick to one brand / supermarket when shopping.

Over the next week or two, I’m looking forward to getting stuck into my editing with vengeance, submitting book 1 to a multitude of agents (one of whom will read my work and be like ‘OMG this writer is awesome, I must sign her up’) and on my limited down time writing book 3 and getting back into a healthier lifestyle. I have rejoined Slimming World, and lost 2lb this week – don’t worry, I won’t be boring you with my progress every week, that isn’t the point of this blog.

I said above that 2014 is going to be a good year. And it is, I refuse to let it be any other way. I feel really focused, really determined and really happy. I’ve got a wonderful bunch of people around me (including the two new people I’ve enlisted to read my work so shout out to Sue and Rachael!!) who mean the world to me as I do to them. My family and friends are fantastic 🙂 Lots of love flying from my fingers to your hearts today.

I shall continue to blog regularly, and post to both my author page https://www.facebook.com/pages/K-A-Richardson/117179681794105 and my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/ka.richardsonwriter so feel free, if you don’t already, to like / send me a friend request. Have a fab January folks, and remember, keep smiling 🙂

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