The things around – January 2012 (copied from previous blog)

Well in the week or so since my last blog, I have to be honest and say not a lot of actual writing has gone on. However, an awful lot of idea theorising has. I’m generally a ‘sit in starbucks to form my characters’ kind of girl, but this week I’ve made conscious efforts to think about things I see in daily life and make notes on these in relation to potential plots, or just snippets of information.

I understand that most writers do this, and know that its a tool, which I do utilise, in theory of course.

Actually opening my eyes and looking though, considering how something I see could be used in my writing, and making the notes that mean it won’t be forgotten is something I really enjoyed. I watched some street dance and also some irish dancing and thought about ways that crime could be committed with these themes in mind. Suddenly I had a wealth of new character ideas and plot ideas written down in my ever ready moleskine.

I even registered for world book night to be a giver, and by thinking about who I would give books to and why, I was led to think about the homeless and how crime affects them.

A strange coloured car passed me on the street, where was it going? Who was inside? And even better than that, who was in the boot?

I guess what I’m trying to say in my round about, overly explanative way, is that life gives subjects to write about – many people will think ‘oh one day I might write a book’, less people will think ‘I’ll write a book soon’ and even fewer will actually get around to starting to write. But when you think of all the things you could write, surely then its time to jump off the sofa, and actually start doing it!

I actually have a few hours free time now in my busy schedule, and I am using the time wisely. This blog entry will serve as a reminder to me to always ‘see’ and to always write.

As always, I write because I can and I can because I write. 🙂

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