Autumn, changes and friendship …



I woke up this morning and there’s a definite chill of autumn in the air. The wind is playing tug with the trees and some of the leaves are just starting to turn to that lovely burnt orange and gold that only this season brings. I love autumn, it’s the season of shedding the old so the world can prepare for the new. Most people don’t like the weather turning colder but I do. It means all those days of trying to stay cool are over. Now I get to pull the old faithful blankets from their summer home under the stairs, drag the fluffy slippers to the forefront and dust off that nice over-sized dressing gown. I love sitting on the sofa first thing in the morning with the blankets and a cuppa. Bliss!

I know I mention it regularly, but I do like to make sure that my friends and family know how much they mean to me. My good friend Claire has been instrumental in keeping me on track with the gym, getting out of bed early to go with me, and encouraging me constantly. Not to mention listening to me moan when I’m getting up earlier to fit the gym into my already busy days! Seems to be paying off though, lost 3lb and feeling fitter every time I go so must be doing something right! And it’s not just with the gym, Claire, and all of my friends and family are all so supportive of my writing. They understand and don’t complain when it takes precedence over socialising, and are encouraging with it. I post regular ‘sneaky paragraphs’ on facebook as I write which generally receive a great response with people often commenting how they want to read more!

On the agent front, I received my first ever written refusal which was fantastic! No constructive criticism to speak of as they ‘don’t provide individual feedback’ but it still made me smile. Part of being a writer is wanting you’re work out there for other people to read and enjoy. Obtaining an agent is just one step on the road to making that happen, and not an essential step many would argue. But it’s the first step I wanted to try. Getting that first refusal letter made me feel like an actual author for the first time. Now I just need the first acceptance letter though I probably face many more refusals before that happens!

The writing has been a little slow this last week mainly because I’ve been so busy – one of those ‘life gets in the way’ weeks. I did however pass 74k – the end is nearing! Then it’ll be time to put it away and begin the research for book 3! Normally I know way before now which characters I want to feature in the next novel, but I don’t know whether to use the lovely Ali, Alex’s brother, or whether to use TJ, Jacob’s sister. There will obviously be a female/male counterpart in the mix too but hmmm, choices choices! I’m sure it will come as I start researching though. The plan is to be very disciplined (yes even more so than usual) over the next couple of weeks – I want this novel finished and put away by mid October. Doing this will ensure it is edited this year and I will be free to start book 3 in January 🙂 So far aiming for a novel a year seems to be a realistic goal though I do wish I had more time to dedicate to the actual writing!

I’m having a day off general things today – no housework on the horizon. My husband and I have his parents coming for sunday lunch, so I’ll be cooking off the roast beef, making a lovely rich port gravy, and steaming oodles of vegetables. Then some quality time with the husband this afternoon before an evening of writing. I’m looking forward to catching up with Ben and Jacob and finding out what the killer has planned for his next step! And then of course there’s the twists … but that’s enough said about that!

Hope you all have a fantastic week. Thank you as always for reading, and keep smiling 🙂

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