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photo (2)It’s been a fantastically busy couple of weeks – yet again! I always seem to start my blogs with how busy it’s been. But it truly has! I seem to have barely had time to sit and think about blogs and what not – heavily evident by the lack of blog last week and late one this week! Anyway I digress.

Isn’t this weeks picture fantastic? For once, not taken by me or found on the internet – it was in fact taken by my good friend Michelle one morning as she finished work and travelled home. It’s an absolutely beautiful array of colour and shows great depth of field. And, it was taken on a mobile phone too! Can’t fault how far technology has progressed now can we? Even those who hate it must admit it can be an aid in normal life. I love my gadgets – have an iphone, ipad and adore my wonderful laptop. And I’m always looking for things that will help with my writing. My iphone carries an app for a dictionary that pops up daily with a word of the day – most days I know what they mean but sometimes one pops up and it throws me completely. It’s great to be able to click on the pop up and see what the word means instantly. I’ve used new words in my writing too!

My dinner party on the 4th July went very well – I decided to theme it around the good old US of A since it was the 4th July – so white and blue tablecloth and red plates were the way forward. The starter was traditional american with tiny homemade burgers with fries, and a small malted milkshake. For the main I strayed slightly from USA and dipped into Mexico by making fajitas and serving with home-made mojitos! Then desert we flew back to America and had baked strawberry and white chocolate cheesecake – again home-made of course! It went down very well and we all had a lovely night.

It’s been such amazing weather lately – my shoulders are turning a nice shade of bronze, and the other day me and Pete went out for the day to Kielder reservoir. I hadn’t been there since I was young and it was every bit as picturesque as I remember. We had a lovely day together and I took a few shots with my iphone as we wandered. I like snapping things that catch my eye as either generically pretty such as landscapes and the like, or that capture my imagination as a writer. One such pic snapped this day was a tiny toadstool sat on its own on a bed of moss – fabulous – inspires all sorts of creative thoughts around fairies and what not. I used to write a lot of children’s fiction when I was younger and this mushroom would have made the perfect location for a fairy dance! Another thing I’ve done in the nice weather was visit a car boot sale with my friend – I don’t often go to boot sales though I do quite enjoy having a mooch and seeing what people are selling. I’ve fancied a glass fruit bowl for a long time but they’re rather expensive. Fate was smiling down however, as I noticed a large crystal bowl on one of the tables. Expecting to have to haggle I politely asked how much the lady wanted – imagine my surprise when she said £1! A pound! For a heavy russian crystal fruit bowl! Naturally I pretty much snapped her hand off in my eagerness to get my mitts on it – and it cleaned up lovely and now has pride of place on the unit in the lounge.

Deciding that the horribly overgrown prickly bushes at the front of the drive were in need of a trim, I enlisted my mum (thanks mum!) to help me cut them back yesterday – now this is quite traumatic for me – I’m not green fingered at all – I manage to keep my herb garden alive but more through luck than good judgement, and I have a rose bush out the back that still lives, though goodness knows how! The other major issue I have with gardening is all the bugs – I’m allergic to wasps so I’m always petrified whenever I see something with stripes – don’t mind bees but wasps make me look like a complete idiot as I run around shouting and screaming and flapping my arms so hard you’d think I’d actually take off and fly away. And I am an arachnophobe also so anything with 8 legs is definitely something to make me back away and turn white. But, I screwed my head on, put my gloves on, grabbed my loppers and shears and set to work. Now the bush at the front is one of those with thorns often reaching over 2″ in length (no exaggeration) and are strategically placed by the bush to provide the best defence going. One of my neighbours actually made mention that ‘it’s the bush even the SAS won’t go through’ and for good reason looking at the amount of scratches and stab wounds I’m now portraying! The decision was made to cut that bad boy right to the ground – and it took 4 car loads to take the bush/trimmings to the local tip! During these trips there was one wasp that decided it liked following me – not good – so I kept running in circles round the car trying to escape – bet the neighbours thought I was nutty! Spider wise it wasn’t too traumatic – I think most had run away the minute we started chopping thankfully, though a garden spider and a couple of mini spiders did find their new home in my car rapidly taken away courtesy of my husband (thanks babe!). The garden does look lots better now though so it was definitely worth it!

And finally on to my writing – it’s been a busy fortnight there too. Having decided that I had reached my main murder (yes main, there are others) too quickly, I had a decision to make. Write some infill scenes now so the story kept flowing as I like it to, or finish writing to the end and then write insert scenes – suffice to say I don’t like leaving things to do later (for the most part) so I decided to infill. Changing the date of the murder was the first step as then I knew how much I had to fill – and I already had a mind full of ideas I’d been thinking about. It’s worked really well – both my lovely readers Rudi and Vicky agree that the scenes flow into the story well and want to know what happens next which is always a good start! It’s lovely getting back into the heads of Ben and Jacob – I loved writing Cass and Alex’s stories too but there’s something about Ben and Jacob. They’re survivors – and I adore how strong they are apart so it’ll be great to see what happens as the story progresses. The infill scenes have also provided the perfect opportunity to insert additional twists too! I love a good twist 🙂 For those who don’t follow me on facebook, feel free to give me a like – I use my facebook page to post sneaky paragraphs and other stuff about my writing. The link is on the main page of this site but you can also access it by clicking this link:

Guess where I’m going this weekend??? HARROGATE CRIME FESTIVAL!! Yes, it’s finally here! I’m so excited as you may have gathered. The opportunity to speak with other like minded authors, and people who read crime, represent crime and publish crime is like a dream come true! There’s going to be so much going on! I’m taking my trusty ipad with me, and will post regular updates both on my facebook page and also through twitter @kerryann77 so keep an eye out! And I’ll spill all the gossip next week! I hope you all have a fantastic week too – I know I will be! Take care and keep smiling, and thanks, as always, for reading. xx


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