Ideas, Progress and crossed-fingers …

It’s been one of those mental weeks this week – the ones where you’re never quite sure whether you’re coming or going? Last week of training has flown by though I was more than a little surprised to find myself out on foot beat as one attachment – foot-beat – as in on foot! In this day and age, where we whizz everywhere in our cars, it’s easy to forget that people actually have to, on occasion, walk. It definitely made me feel for all those poor foot officers I can tell you! I limped home 8 hours later with a sore knee and ankle, and a blister the size of a penny on one toe! Definitely an interesting day to say the least. My shifts have been all over this week too so it hasn’t left a whole lot of time for writing. But it’s Sunday now, and as well as my blog, this means writing!

My head is full of ideas at the moment for books 2, 3 and 4! I think someone needs to tell my brain to slow down a little as I can’t possibly have all these ideas and be expected to work on them all simultaneously! There’s lots of research prep going to be required, but it’s all in hand! Contacts are on standby and as soon as book 2 is finished I shall be pursuing these ideas! Last time I sat down to pen some words, I was quite happy to leave the story at a crucial point – this helps me refocus and start writing again when I get to sit down. Today I figured I’d start with the blog, as there’s a pan of soup simmering away on the stove and I don’t want to burn it by getting so into my writing that I forget it’s there – it’s easy done you know! Last time I did it, it was a pan of swede! A very poorly pan of swede by the time I realised. Took weeks to scrub the pan clean again!

Progress on book 2 is so far approx 41400 words – I’ve done around 3000 words since last blog post which is fantastic. It’s nice being able to put the time aside when I can and give myself the kick I need to get started on it at times. I’m currently leaning towards the altered title I’ve Been Watching You – what do you lovely readers think of that? I’m currently playing with titles, but so far that’s the one that fits the best. I said last week how nice it’s been getting back into the heads of Ben and Jacob, and it most definitely is! It’s also time in my writing to start my time-line as I’m finding myself rereading sections in order to continue! Need my time-line and character spider-gram so it’s highly likely those will get done today too.

This week is the week of my Natterbox Dinner Party – 4 of us getting together and having some food whilst nattering and whingeing and what not – it’ll be fab 🙂 could definitely get used to doing dinner parties – I love cooking and the parties give the perfect opportunity to try new recipes! I’ll let you know how it all goes next week.

It’s also been a week of potential changes – an opportunity has arisen for me to get back into the field of forensics – it’s too early to tell what will happen, but I have my fingers crossed! I hope you all keep yours crossed for me too! I love how we are all the masters of our own destiny, and how positive thinking can influence our daily lives so much. I only really started believing in the power of positive thinking at the start of this year, but it’s been so great in helping me adapt to changes and accept new opportunities.

Last week I said something exciting had happened but I couldn’t say what for fear of jinxing it? Well the truth is it’s not going to jinx anything – you’re all so supportive of my writing and it won’t hurt to tell you now so your positive vibes can help it come true 🙂 For those who are writers, you know how difficult it is to get an agent to even acknowledge you, let alone agree to represent you. And for those who aren’t writers, getting an agent is like finding the proverbial needle in a haystack! I wanted to try going down the route of getting an agent then getting published. I sent a query email to an agent, one of the few who accept such emails, and can you believe that she actually responded! She advised me to send in the required amount of my work, and that once her reader had read it she would read it. This is a fantastic opportunity to work with an amazing agent so I’m really hopeful that it all comes to fruition! But if not, hey I at least got a reply which is almost unheard of!

The week ahead is one filled with strange shifts, rest days and hopefully, lots of writing! I’m sure you will all have a fab week, and remember to smile – I make an effort to smile often throughout the day, even if I’m just smiling at passing  motorists, or even the dog. Smiling is a good way to make ourselves feel better, even if the day hasn’t gone great. And the best thing is it’s free! So keep smiling everyone, and as always, thanks for reading. xx



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