Endings, Beginnings and animals …

Another busy week! Almost to the point the blog nearly didn’t get done! But never fear, I’ve found the time. The pic above is one I gathered from internet based means, but it expresses exactly how I feel today.

As you all know, I finished editing With Deadly Intent a week or so ago. I quickly set to work on my synopsis – the short, to the point, outline of the novel including the twists and turns. For those not in the know, agents require this as they only request the first three chapters to read. The synopsis provides them with an insight into how the rest of the novel is set out. This took a little while, though I must be honest and say that I found it quite enjoyable. It was an interesting exercise to fit 90k words into two pages but include all of the pertinent points. And believe it or not, I’ve sent this to my first agent selection. They can be quite slow in responding due to the sheer number of submissions they receive, but I have my fingers crossed. It is notoriously hard to pick up an agent, only the lucky few authors attain the elusive status of being ‘represented’. I just felt for me this was the right thing to try first, if it doesn’t work (and I have plenty more to try if this doesn’t pan out!) then I will naturally look to publishers, and then the route of self-publishing. One day my books will be available – this I firmly believe.

So Cass and Alex have finally been put to bed, so to speak. Although, we will meet them again in the second novel as secondary characters. I’ve spent today beginning again from scratch with Ben and Jacob, getting back into their minds, and getting to know them again. This novel is obviously different from the first one, in pretty much every way. It is still crime obviously, though I’m really enjoying focussing on the psychological side this time. I’ve rejigged some things I wasn’t happy with and have written a further 1200 words, which is fab since the rejigging took quite a bit of time! I’m excited to realise I have written almost 40,000 words of book two already!

Now is the time for focus though, I need to get this one finished as soon as I can, so I can start the extensive research I need for book 3, a brief plan of which I already have in mind. So if I hide away in my office and don’t speak to people over the forthcoming weeks I sincerely apologise, but the need to write is too strong to ignore!

It’s also been a week filled with animals! There was a beautiful heron on the fish pond at work the other day, gorgeous creature just out for a free fish supper. My good friend Claire’s parrot decided to have a few days vacation away from home by flying away, but has now returned and is safe and sound, and Claire has also purchased a new puppy! Which is fab cos I get to have puppy kisses and cuddles without actually needing to go through the trauma that is puppy training. A nest of bumble bees has also decided that a good place for them to breed into big bumble bees, is the porch roof above my front door. It’s a good job I’m not allergic to bees as well as wasps! As the little buzzers are flying above my head every time I go in and out of the front door! They’re not doing any harm though, and apparently it’s quite lucky to have them nest nearby.

That’s pretty much it for this week, short blog but filled with all the positivity I’m currently full of! This year is going fantastically, and it shall continue to do so! I am choosing to ignore the bright, red soreness that is my index finger as I type this – non-acetone nail varnish remover burns skin, which has then peeled off in a sheet leaving me looking a little like an extra from ET! But it will heal, and a little pain is worth enduring when I’ve done as much as I have today!

As always folks, thank you for reading, and I hope you have a fantastic week. 🙂 xxx

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