Smiling, time and endeavors …

Excellent for first thing in the morning
Excellent for first thing in the morning

I saw this today on twitter courtesy of @fascinatingpics – they post lovely pictures throughout the day, but this one caught my eye. We waste so much time throughout our day don’t we? “I’ll do that tomorrow, right now I think I’ll just sit here and do nothing,” or the usual one in my house is “just leave it and I’ll do it myself later.” There’s so much more I can do with just a couple of hours – I’m one of those people constantly on the go, but even I waste a silly amount of time most days. I procrastinate instead of doing, when what I really should be doing is thinking I can procrastinate later! The time I’ve wasted today isn’t too bad. I did my social media things whilst doing other things today (toilet breaks, morning coffee time etc) which is productive as it means I don’t have to put time aside to do it. I do waste an hour on a morning when I have my first coffee – but is that really wasting? That little window of time is what I put aside for me – Peter is never out of bed early so those days when I’m up with the birds, I get to chill and think. I did watch an episode of friends whilst contemplating cleaning the kitchen, so that was a waste. But I’ve also done approximately 30 pages of editing (so far), cleared the yard, done the washing, thought about my blog (is that wasting time?), been to asda, been to mums for dinner, dropped Pete off and picked him back up, made a pan of soup, boiled some eggs, done some more editing whilst listening to the wonderful James Martin tell me how to cook beef stew, trifle, fish with salad and crab risotto and now I’m writing my blog. I make me sound very busy don’t I? That’s actually my account of a relatively quiet day – but the point is that even through that I probably have a couple of hours of wasted time.

So I guess the next question would be, whether I can learn to recognise when I’m wasting time and better utilise it. I believe in having time to oneself, it helps keep you sane and sometimes you just need that bit of time alone, but those times when you sit there bored, thinking of the things you could do but can’t actually be bothered to do, or those times when you get to the end of a quiet day and think “I wish I’d done that now,” when you haven’t done it – those are the times to me, that you could better fill. I remember being a kid and complaining to mum, “I’m bored,” I’d say just two days into the summer holidays. And she would always tell me to go find something to do. That little push of encouragement was often all I needed and I would head out to the park, or the pond, or the fields. I’d grab my bike and a bottle of juice and head out for an impromptu bike ride, or I’d pick up a book and start to read. So next time I find myself sitting there, thinking about what I should be doing, I’m just gonna get up and do it. After all, life’s too short to waste. We only get 18400 seconds per day, and who knows how many days we’ll actually have.

Writing wise, it’s been a jam-packed week of editing – book 2 is still on the back burner as I’m just on the final edit of book 1 which will hopefully be winging its way to agents initially at the end of May/beginning of June and if I fail to pick up an agent, then I’ll be looking into approaching publishing houses directly. I have no doubts my book will be in print one day – the journey there may be hard (may be exceptionally hard in fact after reading several articles this week on how difficult it can be to get noticed) – but I will get there. I have to. Writing’s in my blood – and it would be an immense waste of all the time and effort it’s taken me to get this far if I didn’t. So I refuse to entertain this happening. As the army (I think) says “Failure is not an option.”

With this in mind I also had to smile – it’s been an absolutely glorious day weather wise. The tiny seedlings planted in my windowsill greenhouse the other day have sprouted and will soon be big clumps of herbs and salad. The sun has dried the washing I popped on the line earlier which is lovely – funny how washing always has that smell of fresh air when you put it on the line but when it goes in the dryer it smells of dryer? There’s a soft breeze blowing the branches of the freshly budding trees, and it’s causing the clouds to flurry across the skies onward in their leisurely journey to wherever. And if that wasn’t enough to make you smile, the girls are all wearing sandals, shorts and vest tops – a sure sign that spring has sprung and summer will soon be here! And the best bit – tomorrow is supposed to be a blazing hot one! I’m working of course – but for the people not working there will be a whole lot of smiling and hopefully enjoyment going on.

Like the enjoyment of future endeavors. On Facebook today I saw a clip of the daughter  of a fellow writer, Helen Anderson, biting the bullet and singing while she played guitar – look her up on You Tube – her name’s Georgina Anderson –  She has a beautiful, soulful voice – she will have huge things in her future. So amazing. Another fellow writer, Mhairi Ledgerwood, has set up a theatre company with some of her fellow play-writers, Meercat TC – look up their page on Facebook also – And my good friends over at CSI Training and Events are just going from strength to strength as they grow their business. Future endeavors – it all sounds a bit ominous doesn’t it?

But this year is definitely the year for making those ideas lurking in the back of your mind – so stop wasting those precious seconds, get off your butt and do it. No-one’s gonna do it for you!

Thank you as always for reading – have a fantastic bank holiday weekend. X


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