Exciting times, and rain….

Well what an exciting week I’ve had.

For a start I’ve got a little of my work back from the editor, all nicely polished for my review! It’s absolutely lovely working with Jenny, she’s fantastic and knows her stuff inside and out. It’s so different having someone else edit your work as they see the parts you’re too emotional about to see as fluffy (excellent word – thanks to my Uni lecturer Carol Clewlow!) or too wordy, and they either recommend changes or just rip them straight out! My first instinct when I read the returned copy was ‘where have all my descriptions gone’ quickly followed by ‘eek i didn’t know there was that much wrong!’ but as I sat and read it over, I very quickly realised that it was still my work, just much more punchy and to the point. I’m looking forward to comparing it to my last draft and polishing it even more.

I’m also smack in the middle of writing mode of novel two – the plot is coming together nicely and the characters are a joy to get to know. It’s a constant part of my mind, I’m finding myself playing out scenes in my head while doing other things – which is great but sometimes (i.e. when driving for example) I can’t just grab a pen and write it down which is so infuriating! Luckily for me I have a good memory and nine times out of ten reach for the pen as soon as I arrive at said destination! I’m not having many people read it at this stage, but my good friend Vicky Brown has been instrumental in me checking I’ve got emotion right, and facts right – so huge thanks to her for putting time aside to help me when I know she’s manic busy herself! Can you believe I’ve written over 3000 words in the last week around my everyday job! Exciting!

It’s been a good home week too – me and Peter have deep cleaned the house – don’t you love that feeling when you’ve pulled out the units and beds, and cleaned underneath along with the skirts and paint-work? I love it! Occasionally wish spring would come more often! Speaking of spring, the daffodils and crocus’s (?!) are starting to unfurl and make welcome to this lovely time of year – it’s like the whole country starts to wake up from its slumber. Even the spiders in the garage are starting to wake (yuck – they could just stay asleep if they liked). I know several people who suffer badly with SADs (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and even they are starting to pull out of the depressive mist a little and notice the things around them: lighter mornings and evenings, buds starting to show, and birds doing….well what birds do at this time of year!

And now on to the rain – I know, you don’t need to groan. I know I waffle on a lot about the rain but lets look at why. I was born in November which means I’m a Scorpio (water sign) meaning I naturally embrace all things water related (true I promise!). When it’s raining the windows of the house turn into an access point to another world – outside those windows looks so completely different when its raining, especially with the mini rivers and waterfalls streaming down the glass! It’s obviously wet outside, and generally a touch cooler temperature wise, so it means that instinctively we want to stay inside, wrapped up warm with a blanket and a cuppa. Which (and here’s the final point!) means that it’s perfect writing conditions! I love being provided with additional opportunity with which to sit at my laptop and write – I schedule in writing time as most authors who work to pay the bills have to do – so if it’s raining and I’m meant to be doing something else outside, it’d additional pen time! Which is always a good thing. Like today – today I had scheduled to do my blog at work during down-time tonight – but it’s done now meaning later I get to do some more editing/writing!

Anyway that’s it for this week – but I hope you all have a fantastic week and embrace the joys of spring! Dont forget to like my facebook page if you don’t already – http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/K-A-Richardson/117179681794105 and follow me on twitter @kerryann77.

Final comment – thanks for reading as always – it’s you guys reading that make this worthwhile and I really appreciate it. x

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