Things that make me smile…..

Well I returned late last night from my short ‘nana holiday’ with National Holidays – yes it is a long time on a bus to Belgium, but we still had a wonderful time.

The weather was freezing – one day there had been rain overnight and the rain had frozen solid on the footpaths – to say it was like a skating rink is an understatement! The older folk opted to stay in the hotel, but me and Pete decided to brave the ice, and the still falling frozen rain, and pop to the local shops for a wander. We were slipping and sliding, and giggling like little kids as we held each other up. It was a lovely morning.

One of the organised trips was to Brugge – neither of us had ever been so we were looking forward to it – and it didn’t disappoint. As a city, the centre is widespread and full of little boutiques and shops, and the best bit? The chocolate shops! There was loads of them! Mostly down little cobbled back streets ten to a street. The prices varied in each, some exclusive like Godivers (like ten euro for one small box of chocolates) and others were reminiscent of small deli’s dealing only in chocolates handmade on site. Obviously we had to buy some for presents (and maybe one or two for us) – the smell was absolutely fabulous! If I could’ve bottled it and brought it home I would have. One of the other things I loved about Brugge, apart from the fantastic architecture, was the swans. They were on every canal and waterway in great numbers – random fact about Brugge – it’s illegal to feed the birds! How strange that you can’t throw the sandwich crusts to the ducks and swans!

I did manage to get some writing done also – managed a little under 3k words which leaves novel two well and truly in the starting zone at just under 11k. I’m loving how the characters are developing – the more I write the more I’m getting to know them. You guys are going to love Jacob – phew he makes me swoon just a little and I created him! I’m writing in a similar theme to book one – the antagonist is ‘he’ when it’s time for him to feature. I’m also playing with titles now too – initial thoughts are this one will be ‘I’m watching you’ however this is open to change.

Editing of With Deadly Intent will begin in earnest next weekend – eek! It’s been weeks since I picked it up and looked at it – will it be good enough for agents? Will I read it and think everyone is wrong or I’ve written it in the wrong voice? It’s exciting and scary all at once! If you want a sneak preview of the prologue, please see the top page tab labelled ‘sections of my work’.

There’s been a lot of things this week that have made me smile, some of them outlined in my blog and some not. Sometimes I do think we people don’t smile enough – so as you drive to the supermarket, or take that daily walk today, see something that makes you smile and do it. Smile at the old man walking the other way – it might be days since someone smiled at him. Smile at the dog walkers, and the other drivers. Smiling releases endorphins – it’s designed to make us feel good. And it’s contagious – if you smile at others generally they will smile back. Spread the joy – I know I will be.

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