Harrogate, inspiration and life…

Gosh it’s been a good while since my last blog post!! Apologies for that. But I’m here now so never fear. 

Got back from Harrogate Crime Festival on Sunday and boy do I have post Festival blues. I had a very enjoyable 3 days away – spent time chatting to old friends and new ones, went to my first ever publisher dinner which was fabulous – it was so great to meet so many other bloodhound and bombshell authors. 

The atmosphere of the whole festival was great as always. If you’ve never been to a Crime Festival and are a fan of Crime then harrogate is definitely a must attend. 

Met a lovely lady called Carole who gasped when I introduced myself – I promise I don’t bite or anything – it was just she recognised my name! She the very quickly checked her kindle and showed me she had my books but hadn’t read them yet. I introduced her to a couple of other bloodhound authors – the lovely David Evans and my brother from another mother Malcolm Hollingdrake. The two men charmed Carole even further by meeting her for a cuppa the next day. Hope you enjoy the signed book Carole, and all of the others from me and the other hounds! 

It’s always a very inspiring event too – every single time I want to come home and hide away whacking the keys on the keyboard and getting some words down. It probably has to do with the magic of so many fabulous authors being in the one place in an environment that means you can chat and get to know people socially, but at the same time being aware of just how many stories are out there because of these people. I don’t think I’m popular enough to be classed as anywhere near fabulous however many of those who go are literally legends to me! 

I’m just heading into my first days off since coming home and can’t wait to hole up and crack on with book 5. Sorry Cheryl Whiffen but your number may be up!! 

As mentioned above it’s been a while since my last post – this is because life has literally got in the way. Petes dad had a stroke about 6 weeks ago now – he was in hospital for a good while and is now in respite while we try and get a flat for him nearer to us. Which is a feat in itself! I never realised how hard it was applying for a council house! We’ve got his dogs at our house and our beloved Tala-monkey is at my mums having a holiday with her sister Tess. We miss her like crazy though – it’s bizarre how different someone else’s dogs are when you’re used to your own. 

Both me and Pete have been suffering ourselves lately anyway so it’s been a tough old couple of months. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel so they say. I’m currently focusing on going from one day to the next and not looking too far ahead. I’m looking forward to getting some quality writing time in and spending time with friends and family. Hope you’re all doing the same – and as always my lovely friends, keep smiling. It uses less facial muscles than frowning so smiling will literally stop wrinkles! 😉