Holidays, reading and writing…

Well as most of you know, me and Peter went on holiday in October to Cuba – we stayed in a lovely resort and had an absolutely lovely time. It’s nice just being able to relax to be honest – you all know how hard it is for me to stop and holidays kind of force me into that. Cuba is a stunning country – the people are lovely, the landscapes lush and green. And the wildlife is amazing! It was truly a little hole in paradise. We both enjoyed recharging our batteries and relaxing – I could have stayed longer though! 

We landed back home on my birthday – and after a long drive home and a nap after the night flight, I had a thoroughly enjoyable day. We picked the dog up and spoilt her lots – funny how much you miss your fur babies when you’re away! I saw my family and spent time with them – my lovely mum had the house spic and span for us on landing so it was great. Then went out with my girlfriends for a fab meal and was spoilt rotten by them too! 

The last few days have passed in a melee of editing and re-reading – book 4 has been safely hidden in my virtual computer drawer for a while and it was time to get it out and see if it was the pile of crap I thought it was or whether there was something there resembling a story. I’m pleased to report on the read through I didn’t hate it half as much as I had in the later stages of finishing it! This one was a slog for so many reasons but primarily because of the RA diagnosis and being ill, it just took so long to write! There were times (oh so many!) that I wanted to throw it away and never look at it again. But as I reread I found myself feeling for the characters I’d painstakingly put together, and wanting to read their stories. So read through complete, chapters applied and it was finally sent off to my wonderful publishers. Now I get to wait with baited breath while they see if they like it enough to publish! 

And I get to continue on with book 5 and also to read again, for me. On holiday I read 7 books – which is low for me but I was still over the moon with that. I caught up on some that had been on my to read list for a year! And I loved every minute of it. I’ve now started the latest Karen Rose – Every dark corner – and I’m loving it. Really glad to see Deacon popping back in as I love him so much. 

Short blog post this time I know – and the next one will be more in depth and I’ll try and update my book list on here too! Take care folks – and as always, keep smiling.