Launches, reviews and festivals …

Wow can you believe it. My book With Deadly Intent has finally been released! I was interviewed by the lovely Eileen Wharton who stood in for Sheila Quigley who was poorly in hospital, at my launch party on 15th April. Eileen did a great job – the questions were thoughtful and interesting. Was amazed to see so many people there too! Around 45 people attended – lots of friends and family, colleagues and a few lovely people who came from the advertisements in papers and at the library. There was cake (made by my lovely friend Rachel) wine and lots of good cheer and I enjoyed myself immensely. 

This led onto the book going out for review copies to various online book clubs and bloggers – The Book Club, UK Crime Book Club, and Crime Book Club being the most prominent. Sincere thanks to all who read it and provided reviews – it makes me so happy to see people enjoying it. I know lots who attended the launch have also added reviews and it’s so much appreciated. Hard to explain how important reviews are – not just in relation to gathering more sales and increasing the books presence on the likes of Amazon, but also for me – the comments I’ve had on the book have been fantastic and a real boost for me. As an author I worry constantly that it’s not good enough, or people won’t like it, etc. But you guys make me believe that it is good enough. So THANK YOU. 

I admit to getting a little OCD about checking Amazon rankings and the like! 

It’s been a great month. As well as my book coming out, I was offered a 3 book deal for the next 3 in the series by Bloodhound Books which is just fantastic! Am over the moon that they believe in my writing enough to offer such a thing and look forward to working with the team. 

Newcastle Noir ran from 29th April to 1st may – I headed up on the train with Eileen and had a fab day on Saturday, chatting  and catching up. Was lovely. Unfortunately couldn’t make the Sunday due to illness but can highly recommend it to anyone looking for a great north east crime festival to attend. 

I leave you now with a smile on my face and a heart full of love. You guys rock. Xx