Lights, smiles and greetings…

Where to start! It’s been an awesome month – it really has. One of those where you just don’t stop smiling for various reasons. 

My holiday with my ever patient hubby Peter in October was fab – we were in Egypt, though hurghada not sharm so we didn’t experience any of the issues relating to the Russian plane going down though I had friends there who were. As always am thankful that we were safe and had no issues, though my thoughts are and were with those affected. 

My birthday at the start of November was great. I got spoilt rotten with gifts and good wishes off my wonderful family and friends – I consider myself extremely lucky to be honest. Even without the gifts etc I have so many amazing people in my life. They keep me up when am down, sane when I feel like I’m cracking up and are always there with a smile. 

At the end of November, me and my mum drove the long drive up to see my aunt in Scotland. It was lovely to see her and my uncle – and I spent 3 enjoyable nights sleeping in the conservatory under the stars. We then drove back down the icy single track for 26 miles, marvelling at the amount of deer that were down from the hills despite it being past 9am, and started the drive to Edinburgh. On reaching Inverness, the snow was coming down relatively hard so it ended up being a journey of about 10 hours (though we did stop for an hour or so along the way) and finally booked into our hotel. We went into edinburgh centre the next day and leisurely wandered round the Christmas markets near Waverley station, over the bridge to the old town and visited the underground Mary King Street. We stayed to watch the switch on of the Street of Light – virgin and underbelly had constructed massive displays which moved in time to Christmas songs provided by various choirs! It was absolutely fantastic. 

Am now back home and in full Christmas spirit and ready to tackle the Christmas decs! The tree and lights will be going up in the very near future! 

The pain I was in from the autoimmune disease has eased a little now I’m on the correct medication – I have my painkillers and am now on a good sized dose of sulfasalazine. I’ll be honest here and say I didn’t think it would work like it does – the pain compared to what I felt prior to the meds is much more manageable. Yes I still have pain and issues but I feel better equipped to get through the day. 

I’ve managed to get some writing done on book 4 – it’s been a hard slog this one. With my hands being so sore I’ve avoided writing for much of this year. I started book 4 in November last year and am only now nearing the end point. Normally I write over a 6-7 month period then focus on editing the novel before. I’ve had moments when I’ve wondered if I should stop, and other moments when I’ve fought tooth and nail to keep going. I accept now that there will be times I physically can’t do it – and am more determined than ever to crack on when I can! And if that involves voice recognition software then so be it! 

So I have a lot to smile about! I’m in the process of doing a 2015 blogpost which will feature on the lovely Vic Watson’s website – – so feel free to check that out if you like. Next blogpost off me will be after chrimbo! Goodness I adore Christmas! Have a good one folks – and as always, keep smiling!!