New Year, good vibes and snowdrops …



Above photo taken by me on a visit to Scotland.


Well it’s been another busy Christmas period and new year. I had the privilege of being off over Christmas which was lovely. I spent time with family, managed a little editing and was royally spoiled rotten by all my amazing family and friends. I adore Christmas- it’s just a shame it’s over in the blink of an eye! I spent a busy new year at work, and have been training a new starter for the last few weeks too. I enjoy training people – some people hate it, refuse to do it, and struggle with the hard work and patience that training gives – but not me. I enjoy providing newbies with the skills they need to do the job and feel a sense of pride when they get their wings and fly solo. My newbie was a treasure to teach too which always makes it easier. He said throughout though that it was an eye opener – classroom training just doesn’t provide the experience that on the job training does! It’s essential, but the on the job stuff is equally so!

I’ve been doing some networking over the last few weeks – have enlisted a few more readers for my novel so when it is released, people will hopefully assist with providing a review. So far it’s just friends and family, but when I get nearer to publication I’ll put it out there on social media for a select few readers to read before release so keep toot!

I’m currently half way through a well-earned fortnight off from my day job. Have done some cleaning (boring I know, and definitely not worth reading about so I’ll not go into detail!), some writing and still have another week to go! Tomorrow I’m indulging in socialising with my good friends Vicky Brown, and Eileen Wharton – I’m cooking too – doesn’t get much better does it! Good friends, good conversation, flowing alcohol (for those who drink – personally I’ll stick to coffee) and hopefully good food if I can get to grips with Vicky’s cooker! Am very excited, have been looking forward to it for ages. Spending tomorrow daytime prepping the food, doing some baking (both for my neighbour, my hubby, Vicky’s kids, and also for Vicky who is gluten intolerant but it doesn’t mean you don’t get cake – when I’m baking there’s cake for everyone!) and then hopefully I’ll also fit in some editing. Book 3 editing has now begun – and for those who know me, you’ll all know I hate editing! It’s one of those necessary evils of writing. But the finished draft is always worth it!

I’ve spent a few days catching up on TV, which isn’t something I get to do very often, and definitely not something I normally blog about – have to admit though, I’ve loved finishing Sons of Anarchy, and am absorbed in watching The Originals – neither of which are shows I normally would opt to watch, being a huge fan of both British and american crime shows. If you get chance, give them a watch. The scripts, plot and acting are fab! As I write my blog today, hubby has Roadhouse on the TV – classic kick ass action with the swoon-worthy Patrick Swayze – script and acting leave a little to be desired in places but it still remains a staunch fave! Rule 1 – never underestimate your opponent, expect the unexpected. Rule 2: Take it outside. Rule 3. Always be nice. Rules to live by if you ask me!

I’m looking forward to getting tucked into reading the next Mo Hayder novel (well next for me anyway, it’s the Jack Caffrey book 5) – love her terrifying writing style! Also in my to read list in the very near future is the newest book from the lovely and ever humorous Pete Sortwell – it’s called The Diary of a Restless Father and you can get it on amazon here: – Pete is a wonderfully funny writer, definitely worth a read.

Well I shall sign off here for now – hope you all have a fantastic January and, as always, keep smiling. 🙂