Happiness, smiles and autumn…

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I absolutely adore the above quote – ever the wise Albus Dumbledore. I love it because it makes me think about the things that I am truly happy about – no matter how small these things may be. Right now, I’m happy as my ocean breeze candles are burning on the mantlepiece, I have a hot cup of coffee, I’m a stone lighter in weight than I was this time a month ago, I’ve started book 4, I have fantastic friends and family, I have a few pennies in the bank and am planning a lovely holiday in November with my lovely hubby, and I have my notebook by my side. It’s easy when we think about the things that make us happy. Even when I am having a bad day, one where my depression hits and makes everything seem that much darker, I can remember the little things that put a smile on my face.

Speaking of smiling, do you think about how often you smile? It’s a natural, beautiful thing that sometimes we get caught up in life and forget to do. Now you all know by now how strange I am – if you had seen me the other day, you’d have just thought ‘there goes Kerry being weird again’ – I decided I’d drive a whole journey with a smile plastered on my face. I smiled as I gave way at the roundabout, smiled when people stopped to let me through, smiled at passersby as I stopped at lights, and smiled at a little kid who waved as if he knew me. A smile is something so simple but it releases endorphines designed to make us happy, and it’s infectious. Give it a go, see how many people beam back at you if you smile at them.

There’s an awful lot to smile about at present – not only the aforementioned, but Autumn is pretty much here. The leaves are starting to turn that wonderfully bright orange, the green is starting to drop off to sleep to make way for the winter. It’s my second favourite season. I love how everything sheds it’s old self to make way for the new. I love the cooler nights moving in, the autumn winds that whistle through the trees, the rain that will soon start falling in earnest after the dry summer months (yes I am a pluviophile), the fact that I can wear long sleeves and scarves, and all the other stuff associated with Autumn. It’s time the country starts thinking of hibernating, the nights get darker, and the stars get brighter. There’s conkers all over the ground and still falling from the trees. One of my lovely godkids (or honourary ones at any rate) came and weeded the garden and drive for me the other day so it’s amazingly tidy ready for the lead up to winter. It’s very much appreciated cos it saved me a job and a bad back. I paid him naturally, so thanks CJ!!

It’s been another tough month in Kerry-land – my brother who was so desperately ill had just started recovering from his long hospital stay when he contracted C-diff so ended up being in his flat for about 6 weeks in a highly contagious state. He’s only just been given the all clear so that was a bit scary. Work have been cancelling rest days and making us work additional days/hours – not just me obviously, but that coupled with the optional overtime I signed up for a couple of months back has meant a lot of working. But do you know something, I might moan about it, and I might whinge about the long hours, but I’m grateful too – I have a well paid job, and I get to help people. Without giving any details away that would identify the person concerned, I took a call the other day from a girl who had taken the first difficult step in addressing an awful personal situation for her – I spent 45 minutes on the call, talking and listening and explaining options. By the time the call ended, I felt emotionally drained and so tired I could have cried, but I really felt like I helped. Without her even speaking to anyone else I helped her feel better about her situation. It’s an amazing feeling, helping someone. Whether it’s something like that at work, or helping the old lady across the busy street, or giving someone you care about money to do odd jobs cos you know he needs the money, helping is good.

Writing wise, all seems to be going fantastically. I’m almost done editing book 2, and I’ve been naughty and I admit to starting book 4 before editing book 3! There was a reason to my madness however. With working so much I genuinely hadn’t had time to sit at the laptop and edit – so editing has been done when I’ve been having writing days with the lovely Eileen Wharton. The rest of the time I’ve been handwriting in my notebook – which means that without even trying too hard, book 4 is about 8k words in already! I won’t give out spoilers but it’s really been interesting researching and plotting! My characters are gaining their voices even as I type this blog, and I intend to crack on with some work shortly. I need a couple of days now where I can send book 2 out to agents also, as well as sending book 1 to about another 40 agents lol – a reliable sources told me that unless you’ve sent your novel to 50 agents then you aren’t trying hard enough! So that’s next on the cards too! Hoping October and November will be good for getting lots done.

Well I think that’s pretty much everything gone over at present – I know it’s been a while and I apologise! Just two more blogs til christmas though! Hehe – sorry to all you last minuters but I couldn’t resist mentioning the C word! We all know how much like a kid I get at that time of year! Excited already – and almost done with the shopping! Anyhoo, on that note, take care lovely people, and keep smiling 🙂