Anticipation, Hellos and Goodbyes ….



Well what a busy fortnight! It’s been like a roller coaster of emotion recently! The first thing was getting to the end of my time with the police force that can’t be named, but that I worked at for the last 4 years – how time flies! I learnt so much working in both the SOCO dept and also working in the COMMS room. And it had ups and downs – mostly, the people I worked with were fantastic and for that I was sad to leave and wish all my good friends, and acquaintances all the very best wishes for the future, but for the people that weren’t so fantastic, well I could be bitchy and comment but I’m bigger than that, so I wish them all the best for the future also. I am a big believer in Karma however, so for those few just keep turning your heads back. You wouldn’t want it to bite you in the ass 😉

It was an odd feeling working my last day. I will miss some people, but there was a huge sense of relief – I’m moving to another police force which is closer to home, and it feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m genuinely feeling like I’m returning to where I belong – leaving to start anew was definitely the right move! So excited to start tomorrow!

Have had a lovely set of last rest days and couple of days between finishing one job and starting the next too. Went to Redcar with mum one day and enjoyed fish and chips on the beach in the glorious sunshine. Then had a lovely afternoon out with my husband at Hardwick Park, which is where I took the well-timed image above. Hardwick is a fantastic place, plenty to see but so peaceful and serene. The proud mama swan above had 7 signets! And yesterday I had a lovely morning out with my husband, in-laws and grandparents to Darlington to enjoy the Victorian Celebration which was designed to celebrate 150 years of the covered market. There was plenty to see – a roast ox in the market square, a man making liquorice from scratch, a lady making beeswax candles and so on. It was nice to see how things used to be done.

In between all this I have managed to get some more editing done on With Deadly Intent – I am a couple of weeks behind schedule with one thing and another, but getting there. I will hopefully be finished editing this week and can then send off to agents so keep fingers crossed! I will naturally keep you all updated. I’m really excited to get to that stage as it means I can revisit book 2 and continue with that story line – am looking forward to rereading it and getting back into the heads of Ben and Jacob.

When I left the last force, I had a small leaving do, and not expecting anything, I was most surprised to be handed a leaving gift. My good friend Michelle had arranged it all, and I received some chocolate to aid with mental thoughts when writing ( 😉  ) an absolutely beautiful pendant, and an angel pin badge which I will put on my new epaulettes (stupidest word ever!) I went in for my last day and received a further small gift of one of my other colleagues too. It was a genuine surprise, and I am most grateful. Then on Saturday morning I received a huge bouquet of flowers from my lovely aunt and uncle wishing me good luck!

It’s funny – I’m writing my blog this week and seem to have said loads but it still feels shorter than normal! But I’ve pretty much said everything I wanted to. Dinner party arrangements are in planning for my writing group. It should be held in a couple of weeks but once again, I’ll keep you all updated. Thanks to everyone who reads my blog regularly, and to everyone joining us for the first time. I look forward to writing next weeks and telling all about my first week!