Dinner, procrastinating and happiness…


Can you believe it’s Sunday already? This week has just flown by. I definitely need the above today too after not sleeping much before a 5pm-3am shift at work!

Well the Mexican dinner party went very well – I made chilli, chicken fajita mix and potato wedges and served this with wraps, nachos and salad. Desert was a tart citrus jelly with a lemon posset top, and a lemon shortbread on the side. Thankfully it all went well and everyone seemed to enjoy the food which is always good at this type of event! I’ve decided the next one I do will have to be for my writing group – sounds like an opportunity to try out some more recipes! Definitely something I will try and do more often.

Did you have rain yesterday? My regular followers will know I am a huge fan of the rain, or in fact any extreme weather inclement – the rain always just makes me think of murder scenes and standing in it as the water runs down my face and back. I’m a bit of a romantic at heart too, so I like the thought of the romance behind it. So imagine my joy at two full days of heavy rain – ok so it caused flooding which isn’t ideal, but everything always looks so clean and fresh when the rain stops. The greens of the plants look like they’ve been re-dipped in emulsion, the glass on the windows always seems to sparkle that little bit more, and it always makes me smile.

Writing wise I haven’t gotten a lot done this week – I had a bout of not feeling too good which has lasted several days, and with work and what not it feels a little like time has just flown away from me. This week however, I have 5 whole days off work, so there will be excuses and my editing will get finished so that I can prepare my pitch and send to agents in the first week of June. I will be holing up and turning off the mobile phone for once so I cannot be tempted with the evils that are social media. My lovely hubby has done the housework so I can’t possibly use that as an excuse (at least not for the first few days – the dog is notorious for shedding) and my wonderful Mum is up in Scotland with my Aunt so there will be no trips to Starbucks on the cards. I am determined that I will get this finished this week and get the additional scenes inserted!

It’s such an odd feeling – lots of people love the editing stage, but me, not so much. It’s a necessity but I feel (and hopefully I’m not alone on this) that it takes the time I have to be working on book 2 – my mind cannot simply switch between the two stories and character sets so I need to focus on one at a time. But I want to be working with Ben and Jacob! Alas, Cass and Alex take priority at the present time though – yet another reason to be determined to get finished this week!

It’s only 3 weeks til I start my new job – am very excited but it will be sad to leave my friends at the place I am now. Technically I have 10 shifts left to work – bearing in mind that this year is flying at the speed of light, I’ll blink and be at the new place before I realise it I reckon! I actually go for my uniform fitting tomorrow – what are your thoughts on uniforms for work? Some love them some hate them. For me, a uniform has been pretty standard in one form or another for several years now – it doesn’t bother me wearing one, but it wouldn’t matter if I sorted my own clothes either. I’m pretty indifferent – though I do think law enforcement could improve the staff uniforms somewhat to make it more comfortable and hard wearing.

Ahhh sweet coffee, how I love you so. I’m currently drinking Nescafe Azera Intenso – anyone tried it? It’s lovely and smooth, and just like the coffee you get in posh coffee shops. I am officially a fan – trouble is so is my husband so the jar is dwindling fast – he drinks so much more than me!

Well I think that’s pretty much it for this week – I’ll pop a sneak paragraph of one of the insert scenes on my facebook page this week too – let me know what you think. And as always, thanks for reading! 🙂