Frustration, lambs and subplots…..


Good morning everyone! At least I hope it’s a good morning where you are too. Opted to rewrite my blog this morning after yesterdays debacle (what a fantastic word!). I sat at my laptop yesterday morning, wrote a good insightful blog before I left for work at 545am and for some reason the host decided to publish a blank page! Soooooo frustrating – especially because I then didn’t have time to rewrite said post, and since it auto updates to facebook and twitter, I then had to quickly remove it but a few people had already tried to access it so for that I sincerely apologise. Lets hope it doesn’t do the same today!

I’ve been driving a bit over the last few days and the tiny lambs are now that little bit bigger, which is a good thing – it’s way to chilly for those babies yet! There’s a farm up near me that actually dressed them up in little red jackets to keep them warm for their first few days on this earth. So cute!

I’m trying to remember what I put in yesterdays blog and am having memory issues. But I will say that I am so grateful for the people I have in my life. My wonderful, patient husband Pete who stands by me through everything, my super mum Jeannet (or mum as I call her – lol) who never stops running around but always has time for our favourite meeting place in the town, and all my friends and family who manage to pick me up if I’m down without a second thought, laugh at me as I fall then pick me up and dust me off, and with whom I can giggle and chat and forget my woes for a while. I’m surrounded by amazing people, and I know that often things get hard, for all of us, but in this day and age we don’t always tell people how we feel – so to all my friends and family, I love you, loads and I appreciate you all being there with me every step of the way along the journey that is life xxx

It’s been a week of good news too. I got the job I went for – it’s the same as I do now but cuts an hour a day off the travelling – have been put on the waiting list for the jobs to be made available but woop! So happy. My aunt and uncle are visiting from Scotland and though she will be running around doing all sorts, it’ll be lovely to see them both and catch up.

Writing wise, it’s been all about the sub plots this week. We are starting to learn much more about Ben, but also Jacob and the bad guy, we are learning what makes him tick. Ben is showing her strength – she’s had a knock but she’ll get back up and back to it. This week I really need to finish editing With Deadly Intent so I can start preparing my pitch for agents and get it sent off. Eek! And I finally booked my tickets for the Harrogate Crime Festival (turned out they were moving offices last week and I didn’t get through!) but now it’s all booked and paid for! Am very excited! Did everyone overload on the chocolate eggs? I didn’t actually receive one easter egg – which is great since I’m back at the old slimming classes – I lost 4.5lbs though so happy happy.

Well I think that’s pretty much it this week – thank you all for reading, and have a fantastic, spring-filled week!