Editing, Editing and more Editing…..

Firstly my sincere apologies for the delay in posting this weeks blog post – work commitments unfortunately took precedence over the weekend, and then the last couple of days have just been insanely busy! But I am here now.

As you may have guessed from the title, I have been furiously editing With Deadly Intent over the last couple of weeks – it’s hard to believe something that was such a pleasure to write, and so easy to write (the first draft) has now become so difficult! For those who read my blog, but don’t write, let me try to explain. It’s like cleaning you’re whole from  to bottom, then having a dirty dog or twelve run through, shake wet fur and mud up the walls, and cover the floors in muddy paw prints whilst simultaneously destroying sections of the room in their excitement! For my readers who are writers, you know exactly what I mean yes?

I thought I was doing so well with the editing, had red-penned the last 70 pages by the weekend so it was just ready to transfer to the novel on the laptop, and then I received my first three chapters back from the lovely Jenny Drewery, my editor! Now, don’t get me wrong, most of the red pen was down to silly grammar and punctuation errors, and some I had already corrected off my own back prior to receiving this wonderful bible-like document. But, wow it takes a lot of time to go through and transfer over to what has now become a newly edited draft. The first three chapters, however, are now done fully and I have learned where I make the majority of my errors – which leads me on to re-editing the rest of the book with this in mind! This time with a green pen so I don’t confuse myself over what has been done and what hasn’t! It’s all good though – I wouldn’t want it to be sent to publishers/agents and have them bin it due to stupid errors so I am being diligent and redoing the whole thing from scratch.

The good news is that my editor, who also edits on behalf of Robert Hale Publishing, thinks I have the makings of a good thriller! This makes me exceedingly happy! And I’m sure it will make you all happy too when it finally gets printed and placed on the shelves (including electronic ones for those with kindle/kobo). It is definitely going to be worth the hard-work.

The downside is that whilst I am editing, I need to focus on this solely, so the writing of book 2 has been placed on hold temporarily whilst the editing stage is completed. Never fear though, I will be returning to this forthwith.

I’d love to know your thoughts on my work – the prologue has been on the website now for some time under the top tab labelled ‘Sections of my Work’. If you haven’t already read it pop on over and have a glance – I’d love to hear what you all think. For those who have read it, I’ve put the now edited version up, along with the first few pages of chapter one – I’d love you to reread and comment on whether you like the characters, and how the plot progresses in this early stage. COMMUNICATION is the word of the day 😉

Well, I’ve had the 15 minutes I put aside for blogging, so I shall now return to the editing (after I make a fresh pot of coffee). Thanks, as always for reading, and I look forward to your comments.

Editing, Excitement and Autumn?!?!


Oh my goodness, as if I just did my blog post, yet again, and pressed publish only for it to post a blank page! So not impressed, actually going to log a complaint this time cos that’s twice in a few weeks that this has happened! Anyway on to the blog post, remembering what I wrote only moments ago as best I can.

It’s lazy Sunday today – the day when you get to laze around on the couch having done all the housework yesterday and spend time with your family. Ealier in the week, it said we were due a mini heatwave with temperatures reaching 16 degrees celcius – looking out of the window I’m pretty sure the old weather people were incorrect! The wind is howling, it’s raining and the clouds are dreary and grey. It’s actually more like Autumn than Spring! Dont’t get me wrong, I love Autumn. Maybe the UK is just skipping spring and jumping straight to summer this year?

It’s been a really exciting week in the world of my writing – my regular readers will know I sent the first three chapters of With Deadly Intent to my wonderful editor, Jenny, a few weeks ago. I’ve been waiting on tenterhooks ever since, wondering ‘will she like it’, ‘will she hate it’, and even whether she would refuse to edit it as it’s so bad. It’s a funny feeling, a few friends and family members have read it in various stages, and I’ve had nothing but positive feedback. But, Jenny is out of my inner circle, officially the first person to read it that isn’t a friend and has loyalty towards me. The first person who could actually condone what I write as being worthy for you wonderful people to read, or to tell me in all honesty not to give up the day job as my writing is crap. So I’ve been pretty nervous about her reaction to my writing. I had an email from Jenny late Friday night, which put all my fears to rest. It was brilliantly positive and encouraging, and apart from minor grammar errors and a little fluff in places it would appear she enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to getting my work back covered in red pen!

Editing is a funny thing. As a writer, when you write a paragraph, or reveal something personal about a character, it becomes a part of you. When you finish writing that first draft, and come to the chopping and changing part, it can be quite difficult to look at your work objectively. I’m so pleased I stepped away from With Deadly Intent to make a start on writing the second book. It allowed me to read my own work with fresh eyes, to pick out the immediate errors but also see where I’ve fallen short in my efforts to get everything done. I’m now thoroughly enjoying revisiting Cass and Alex, and seeing their quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Leaving it for a good while before editing is definitely a worthwhile exercise.

I’ve also had a great social week this week (unusual I know!) My aunt and uncle are visiting so have been spending quality time with them as we don’t get to see each other a great deal. I’ve also managed to spend time with my lovely mum, my patient husband and also my friend Claire. Claire and her son (my god son) took me to a quaint little place in a small village not far from where I live, No 4’s in Sedgefield. If any of you good people wish to visit, it’s just on the main street. Lovely panini, followed later by the most wonderful Blueberry Brulee Cheesecake I have ever tasted in my life, along with great company – it was a truly wonderfuly morning which I hope to repeat soon. It can be quite difficult working full time, writing as often as I can spare time, and still making the time for the people that matter in my life. And I know they don’t mind, each and everyone of my family and friends are so supportive over my writing, but I sometimes don’t show how much I appreciate them. So this is a little show of that – I love you all. You’re all amazing.

Well I think that covers everything (again lol) for this week. I hope you all enjoy your lazy Sunday and have a fabulous week. And thanks, as always, for reading. You’re all great xxx

Frustration, lambs and subplots…..


Good morning everyone! At least I hope it’s a good morning where you are too. Opted to rewrite my blog this morning after yesterdays debacle (what a fantastic word!). I sat at my laptop yesterday morning, wrote a good insightful blog before I left for work at 545am and for some reason the host decided to publish a blank page! Soooooo frustrating – especially because I then didn’t have time to rewrite said post, and since it auto updates to facebook and twitter, I then had to quickly remove it but a few people had already tried to access it so for that I sincerely apologise. Lets hope it doesn’t do the same today!

I’ve been driving a bit over the last few days and the tiny lambs are now that little bit bigger, which is a good thing – it’s way to chilly for those babies yet! There’s a farm up near me that actually dressed them up in little red jackets to keep them warm for their first few days on this earth. So cute!

I’m trying to remember what I put in yesterdays blog and am having memory issues. But I will say that I am so grateful for the people I have in my life. My wonderful, patient husband Pete who stands by me through everything, my super mum Jeannet (or mum as I call her – lol) who never stops running around but always has time for our favourite meeting place in the town, and all my friends and family who manage to pick me up if I’m down without a second thought, laugh at me as I fall then pick me up and dust me off, and with whom I can giggle and chat and forget my woes for a while. I’m surrounded by amazing people, and I know that often things get hard, for all of us, but in this day and age we don’t always tell people how we feel – so to all my friends and family, I love you, loads and I appreciate you all being there with me every step of the way along the journey that is life xxx

It’s been a week of good news too. I got the job I went for – it’s the same as I do now but cuts an hour a day off the travelling – have been put on the waiting list for the jobs to be made available but woop! So happy. My aunt and uncle are visiting from Scotland and though she will be running around doing all sorts, it’ll be lovely to see them both and catch up.

Writing wise, it’s been all about the sub plots this week. We are starting to learn much more about Ben, but also Jacob and the bad guy, we are learning what makes him tick. Ben is showing her strength – she’s had a knock but she’ll get back up and back to it. This week I really need to finish editing With Deadly Intent so I can start preparing my pitch for agents and get it sent off. Eek! And I finally booked my tickets for the Harrogate Crime Festival (turned out they were moving offices last week and I didn’t get through!) but now it’s all booked and paid for! Am very excited! Did everyone overload on the chocolate eggs? I didn’t actually receive one easter egg – which is great since I’m back at the old slimming classes – I lost 4.5lbs though so happy happy.

Well I think that’s pretty much it this week – thank you all for reading, and have a fantastic, spring-filled week!