Hopes, Dreams and taste……

Wow it’s been a busy week – again! In a good way of course.

I started with an electronic interview with the lovely guy who’s helping me develop Jacob’s background information and history. My source was a paratrooper who got in his full 22 years before leaving service and going into IT – Jacob is actually based a little bit off him after having him regale me with stories a few years ago. It’s fantastic when you meet people who have done things in their life that you can relate to a character, and use those things to help build a profile. Jacob is turning into a wonderful lead, he’s a joy to write and to get to know. Actually the whole of book 2, so far anyway, is the same. At the present moment it’s flowing so well, and every one of the characters and sub plots is coming into play.

It’s actually so easy to lose myself in my writing that when I can’t actually do it I get withdrawal symptoms. Like this week, I had an interview to prep for so two days of my usual writing time had to be utilising in preparing for the interview.

Which I did because I want the job.

But it was so tempting to open the laptop and put in a couple of hours. It’s really hard when your priorities don’t present in the order you want them too. I’d love to be a full-time writer, and not have to go to my day job, but while it’s a necessity to pay the bills at the present time, I will attend interviews and apply for jobs that are more local to me to at least try to help save a few pennies in this climate of expense. I have my fingers and toes crossed, and am sending positive vibes out into the universe.

The positive vibes thing is something that’s been working really well for me this year. It was my new years resolution, and do you know it really works! Not that I was a particularly negative person beforehand but I didn’t understand the importance of fulfilling dreams through positive thoughts. Now I approach things believing in myself more, I find that good things happen. You might think it’s a load of old tosh, but it’s made me a happier person this year, even in the face of adversity. It’s meant less bickering about menial things and believing that everything will always come right in the wash. And most importantly it’s this way of thinking that has enabled me to finish book 1 during January despite hitting a wall over christmas, and progress onto book 2 at start of February with focus and determination. To me, it says a lot when I realise that in seven short weeks I have written over 27000 words whilst working and running a home, and even fitting in socialising. This kind of focus will make all my dreams come true, and I will embrace the new opportunities that come my way employment wise.

One funny thing happened this week, well I think it’s funny (not haha funny). It’s a bit of a boring standard but I’m a milk and two sweeteners gal when it comes to coffee. I hated coffee when I was younger; then when I was DJ’ing and working on a construction site, and putting in hours at a local pizza shop, I eventually turned to it as a source of staying awake. Back then I used to drink it without sweeteners but always with milk unless I was really tired when I would have it black (naively believing black was a better caffeine hit??). Obviously my taste adjusted as I grew older and moved onto the wonder that is Alta Rica – ahhh sweet nectar how I love you so. Anyway, I digress. At work the other night I filled my cup with hot water then returned to my desk to put the coffee and sweeteners in. Bit backwards I know but hey ho. I stirred in the coffee, clicked the clicker to release the sweeteners then once I’d logged in I realised I’d forgotten the milk. I now couldn’t log out to get milk, and my team were on later start than me so I couldn’t even badger one of them to get me milk. So, and I think you know where this is going now, I drank it black (shock horror!) – and even more shocking I actually preferred it this way!

It’s definitely a strange thing how tastes change. I remember being a kid and eating paste sandwiches for lunch, now I cannot stand paste – love pate, but there’s something about paste that just makes me feel sick! Think it’s the texture. And when I was a kid I loved brussel sprouts and now I think they’re one of the most vile things that come out of the ground, and trust me I’m not a fussy eater! Then I drank full sugar pop, now it has to be diet, full sugar just tastes like syrup. And as to sweets, well if I’m honest my tastes haven’t changed there lol. I still love sweets and cakes! The trick is moderation – I moderately choose a wide selection 😉

I’m really happy that spring is finally here – well in theory anyway. I love spring (and winter and autumn lol) – those who read my blogs know this already. I had thought this week would be the wonder of listening to the baby birds currently nesting in the eaves of my porch roof, and watching for the buds to finally start appearing on the trees. Instead I find there is more snow, a drop in temperature again and no buds – boo hoo. Hope those baby birds are wrapped up snug in their nest cos springtime is still trying to make its way into the world! It’s approach however, has helped those people who suffer SAD’s – I’m definitely seeing marked improvements and lack of moodiness and low feeling around me.

This next week will hopefully be filled with lots of inspiring things. I’m finally booking my ticket to attend Harrogate Crime Festival! Can’t wait – it’s the first year I’ll be attending all the events and staying over. Pop over to their website and have a gander – it’s a brilliant event, authors, editors, agents, publishers, and most importantly readers all getting together to go over the finer points of crime writing, inspiration etc! http://harrogateinternationalfestivals.com/crime/ – you can also follow them on twitter @crimefest. I’m also having a well-earned mummy-daughter day with my lovely mum. We are planning one of our lovely trips out for the day, equipped with sandwiches, flasks and me with my SLR camera. Very exciting! And naturally I will be fitting in lots of writing and editing along the way.

I hope you all have a fantabulous week – and as usual, thank you for reading 🙂