Mistakes, Recovery and Coffee

Wow can you believe it’s the end of February already – this year is just flying by so fast. So many good things are happening too. I’m excited to see what the rest of the year brings forth.

One of my good friends had a well-earned night out at the weekend. She drank several large glasses of wine and ended up a little worse the ware, saying things she didnt mean to friends who perhaps shouldn’t have taken them as said but were also in an equally inebriated state.

Why do I mention this I hear you ask? Well the truth of the matter is it got me to thinking. We all make mistakes – whether that’s getting too drunk and mouthing off, getting ‘foot-in-mouth’ syndrome at inopportune moments or just general mistakes. We all make them at the end of the day, and anyone saying they don’t is quite simply telling untruths.

The important thing to remember however, is that whatever mistakes you make it’s never too late to recognise them as such and make efforts to recover from them,¬†accepting said mistake for what it is and moving on, working to not make the same mistake again and even helping others understand how it happened in the first place. Sometimes this recovery can be hard – there’s a famous saying by someone who’s name slips my mind that ‘nothing ever worthwhile is easy’. This is very true.

And the coffee comment in the title – well as a writer, I rely on the warm, smooth taste and heat to keep me company when I’m stuck in my office writing. I’m one of those people who can’t write to music – it distracts me. So I fill my coffee mug, leave plenty of water in the kettle for refills, and let the heat and caffeine ignite my mind and assist me in my work. It’s a tried and tested method trust me!

In the time since my last blog, I have tried to keep you keen readers updated by my facebook page, K A Richardson. But to recap for those who haven’t already liked said page (hint hint), Book 1 is currently in the stages of being edited – I have sorted the structure, headings and chapters, and have so far edited the first three chapters and prologue. It’s a hard slog looking at ones work with a critical eye and I was most pleased to have read the whole thing prior to editing as I’d written things I’d completely forgotten about! I will naturally keep you all updated as things progress but have also been doing intensive research for book 2 which so far is about 14k words.

To me, a writer is being able to write the events as realistically as possible, with correct attention to detail, but also make sure the reader is taken care off if something is triggered. Book 2 broaches sensitive subject matter, and I am working hard to ensure that there will be little issue with how I want it all portraying.

As always, thanks for reading this blog and keep up to date with my daily writing via twitter @kerryann77 and my facebook page as mentioned above. Keep smiling people – it’s almost spring!