The power of people

So in an effort to use the blog aspect of the website more and exchange information with all you lovely blog followers, I now find myself with another subject to write about.

I have spent the morning networking – there’s a lot to be said for talking to people and making contact. I’m in the process of preparing the plot for book two – and suddenly I realised that there are some things I just don’t have the answer to in my head. So a little reaching out, and a little more research and KAPOW, now it all makes sense. Obviously it’s far too in the beginning stages to tell you all yet – but great that there are people willing to help!

Had a lovely meal out last night with a good friend who is director of CSI Training and Events, a company specialising in forensic knowledge, training, lecturing, staff shortage cover, team building events and even hen/stag parties! Both Angela and Dionne are excellent at what they do – give them a look up – their link is on my Useful Links page.

Both the meal last night and the networking this morning made me realise just how wonderful people are – human nature is inherently designed to give to others, and most of us do this willingly without charge or question. It’s truely remarkable how much we all want to help other people, how much we are willing to give of ourselves. Yes there are exceptions, as there are in every case – there’s always someone who will give a negative review, or make some bitchy remark. But more often than not it pays to see the positive in people. It’s a choice – the same as those people who choose to do the bad stuff, we choose to be good.

I love how unique we all are, from our size and shape, dress choice, humor and looks to how we behave and react to the situations life and the universe throw at us. Every one of us are strong and intelligent, and each and every one of us is important. Sometimes putting this in perspective can feel wonderful.

I heard somewhere that ‘If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me’ – and it is. Because as intelligent life forms we have a choice of what we do, how we do it, and whether it makes us happy. Sometimes it needs doing anyway whether it makes us happy or not, but we can choose not to let this get to us and just crack on with the job at hand. So today, and indeed most days, I choose to be positive, see the good in people, and believe that dreams come true. I have to work to pay the bills, I accept this, but I also get to do the things I love – writing, reading, communicating. Life really is a wonderful gift – try not to squander it on the things you can’t control – and embrace the things you can. What’s the thing that matters most to you? Whatever it is, keep doing it. 🙂