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Merry Christmas.

It’s been almost 5 months since my last blog post and that’s primarily because I’ve had lots going on with my health and been busy working etc. It most definitely wasn’t done intentionally and I promise I’ll be doing my utmost to be more active come the new year.

It’s hard to believe Christmas is here already – this year has flown over in the blink of an eye. It’s been somewhat eventful for me – 2 book releases and a few events scattered about as well as work, health issues (which I know are boring so I’m absolutely not going to focus on) – new friends made and old friendships continued, and lots of time spent with family.

I must take a moment here for some memories too – as we do every year, I’ve been with mum and placed the lovely wreath where my nana and grandads ashes are scattered. It’s been quite a long time since nana left us, and a mere 8 years for my grandad. I have so many memories of my grandad – but my favourite of all was something that made our Christmas’s really special when we were growing up and in fact, right up to his last Christmas. Regular readers of the blog might have seen me mention it before but it’s so treasured it’s worth mentioning again. Every year without fail, the first thing me and my brother wanted to open when grandad walked in the door was our sock. He would fill the sock with a banana, an apple, a pear and satsuma, along with a few (maybe 5-6) quality street sweets and 50p wrapped up snug and tight in an envelope that was always at the bottom of the sock. Even now all these years later, it’s still the thing I miss about grandad being here for Christmas. That sock and him of course.

Christmas can be a tough time for a lot of people – some love it and some really struggle. If any of you do struggle I’d like you to know you’re not alone. I can’t do as much as I’d like to help people at Christmas – but I can offer a bit of time and a cuppa, or even just a quick message if that’s all that’s needed to make you smile. I’m all about spreading the love – all year round and not just for Christmas.

2018 has been a tough year for so many people I know – there have been losses and gains as there are every year. Some people have lost more and others have gained but one thing has remained steady throughout. You’re all still here, reading this little blog of mine about my life. And I send each and everyone of you my thanks for that as well as the best good wishes I can muster.

If you’ve been one hit by the loss side of the coin, try and remember that it will get easier. Time is a wonderful healer and even though I know it possibly doesn’t feel like it currently, I promise it’s the truth. 2019 will hopefully be easier and whatever happens, you’re strong enough to face it all. Because you’re awesome.

For those who’ve gained, whether money or time or even friends etc, then focus on that and let that be the positive things leading you into 2019.

2019 will be to each of us, what we make it. I intend to make it as great-a-year as I possibly can.

Believe in yourselves.

Live for the magic in each day.

And trust that whatever the plans are for next year, you can meet them head on and work with them. It truly can be everything you want it to be.

Much love to you all and a very merry Christmas from myself and my husband, Peter. And as always, keep smiling.



Fatigue, fab friends and writing

Wow it’s been so long since my last blog! Time just seems to be getting away from me this year! I feel like I blinked and missed 6 months!

It’s been a busy few months in Chez Richardson – you all know at my last blog I was in the middle of an RA flare which in honesty hasn’t abated a whole lot. I’ve never felt so physically and mentally exhausted as I do currently with the RA fatigue – but I’m trying to see the silver lining and to quote a little beautiful south, ‘carry on regardless’. There are days this is difficult – I had to cancel a signing recently due to this but will be rescheduling again for not too far in the future. For those who don’t really know what fatigue is, a fellow RA warrior described it as ‘wading through pea soup in shorts and flip flops’ which is right but add into the mix that the pea soup is extra thick and the flip flops are about 3 sizes too big. It’s an extremely hard thing to explain in actual words. Massive kudos to all the other auto-immune sufferers who have this debilitating part of illness. I salute you all. You’re all diamonds.

Onto the writing – Under The Woods, my last novel published which came out in June is steady away – seems to be getting decent reviews so I’m hoping this means you all like it! It was much darker than my previous novels and I thoroughly enjoyed getting into this bad guy’s head. He’s a bit of a sicko all told – if you haven’t read it why not give it a look up?

Have to say my friends and family have been my absolute rocks of late. I would not be who I am without their support and guidance – you know who you are. But you make me a better me. And given how nuts I am that’s no mean feat! So thank you.

One of my friends – Sarah Hardy – posted this on her timeline the other day…

This absolutely resonated with me. Not just because I’ve been feeling rather low lately (I’ve suffered with depression for going on 20 years – when you add RA into the mix and the fact my meds aren’t working properly, you can understand how this would be an issue right now) and even when I’m feeling low, I still try and do things for others because that’s part of who I am. This made me think of all the things people do for me – things I quite possibly take for granted at times and don’t say thank you for. So thank you – all of you who have made any impact on me. Yesterday today or tomorrow.

You all do or say little things that resonate with me every day. You are a wonderful person and I’m very privileged to know you, no matter what capacity.

Despite feeling quite poorly for some time there has been some good parts. I know I wasn’t very ‘present’ at harrogate this year – little did I know that ‘off’ feeling all weekend was the start of viral gastroenteritis. But when I was there I loved saying hi to all you lovely folk. It’s always such a pleasure meeting and chatting to readers and other authors alike. I’m using my depression to get some therapeutic writing done – writing has always been a release for me – ever since I was young I’ve found expression through writing one of the best ways to relieve the stress I’m feeling, or help pull me out of the depths. I’m not saying what I’ve been writing is any good or will ever see the light of day, but it’s enough to know that I can use it as therapy. And that it helps. Truly.

I’ve probably waffled on long enough now – so I’ll head off with the promise that the next blog will not be so far away, and will hopefully be filled with good news and cheer. Take care you lovely lot, of yourselves and your friends/families. Keep your chin up, and as always, keep smiling. ❤️

Absence, writing and rest…

My absence from social media may or may not have been noticed by you lovely people – but suffice to say I’ve had a good bit going on at home that’s meant I couldn’t be as active as I normally am.

Firstly I’ve had a bad flare with my RA – most of you know i suffer from Rheumatoid Arthritis (which isn’t an old people’s disease by the way – it’s an ‘affect anyone’ disease). Normally my symptoms are pain (managed with pain relief) and awful fatigue (managed usually by resting) – for those who have no clue about RA and what it is, basically my body attacks its own joints which results in those symptoms. I am on RA medication – DMARDs (disease modifying drugs) which are supposed to help my body not be so mean to itself but these unfortunately have not been working very well. The rheumatology team took me off one of the meds i was on in October last year because it was causing other symptoms, and the one that I am on isn’t working as it should be. They made the decision back in October to move me onto biological medications which are more aggressive but should result in better control of the symptoms. I am due to start these soon.

Normally wouldn’t go into quite so much detail but the massive flare resulted in me being off work for 6 weeks – I’ve had odd days off but never such a long period for this disease and admittedly, it’s scary. I’ve never been one to sit and rest – but my legs had massive swelling and I could barely walk – stairs were a nightmare and sitting without legs elevated meant more swelling. Couple that with fatigue that quite literally knocked me on my well-padded behind, and it resulted in me not being able to work. Or write – which has been an absolute killer. Writing is my creative outlet for how I feel – it’s always been that way. It’s a therapeutic way for me to deal with my depression, oftentimes writing things down has helped me understand how I feel, and sometimes even point out why I feel that way.

Even before I started novel writing, I’ve always written in journals, expressed myself in poetry and story writing. It’s something that’s so ingrained it’s been terribly hard not being able to do it.

But – and there is always a BUT – i’m coming out of the other end of the flare now. I’ve been signed as fit for work and I’m hoping to get back into writing again in the next few days. Even if not on a novel, just getting some words or poetry down, because if there’s one thing that affects my depression, it’s being holed up in the house not able to do the things I normally do.

The good news in all this, is that thankfully, my upcoming release was with the publisher way before this flare came along – Under The Woods is book 4 in the newly branded Forensic Files (formerly known as the north east police series). My previous novels, will now be With Deadly Intent which is a stand-alone and not part of the forensic files and then I’ve Been Watching You, Time to Play, Watch You Burn and now Under the Woods. This latest one was a fantastic one to write. I’ve absolutely loved getting to know Jackson Docherty better – and TJ Tulley (Jacob’s sister in I’ve Been Watching You). Jackson’s character is different to my normal male roles – he’s had his troubles and been a bit of a jack-the-lad but now he’s settling down despite his crazy ex who has been harrassing him. And TJ, due to a medical condition she has incurred from being assaulted in I’ve Been Watching You, now owns and runs a disabled riding stables. And don’t worry – this isn’t some lovey-dovey romance – the killer in this is a particular brand of nasty. I can’t wait for you guys to read it.

I’m heading off for a short break with my hubby next month whilst my wonderful mum looks after our pooches – this break will be to focus on resting and getting well, but also writing. I’ve got the start of a great novel flying round my head – the fifth in the forensic files – and it’s one I’ve been wanting to write for ages. It’ll be set in Edinburgh (for those who don’t know, Scotland is the home of my heart) – I’ve done lots of research on it and I’m already loving the characters even though it’s only in the beginning stages. Can’t wait to crack on with it and get to grips with where the characters are going to take me.

I’ve read a little while I’ve been off – not much as my concentration level hasn’t been great, but I’ve made a sizeable dent in The M Word which is written by Eileen Wharton – it’ll be available via Bombshell Books in June 2018 and honestly, you guys need to grab a copy as soon as it’s available. Eileen is a fab writer – her humour in the novel shines through and I don’t want to finish reading it which is always a good sign.

Well that’s it for now – apologies for the delay and hopefully see you all soon. And as always, keep smiling. 🙂


Apologies, Christmas and sparkles

I can’t believe it’s been 3 months since my last blog!! That’s such a long time! I’m really sorry for not finding time sooner!!And yet the 3 months has totally flown over. Isn’t it funny that the older you get the faster time seems to go?

A few things to mention so here goes! I had my dreaded 40th in November – and do you know I was whisked away and treated by all my lovely friends so it actually turned out to be an amazing birthday! The lovely Vicky took me for a writing day at hardwick hall near darlington which was just fantastic. My beautiful friends Ange, Dee and Rach took me for afternoon tea at Rockcliffe Hall (posh much!), Claire took me for a spa and afternoon tea in Durham and Eileen took me to the farm for a lovely lunch. It was honestly fantastic! Not to mention the rather special eternity ring off my wonderful husband Peter, or the Swan Lake tickets off my mum!!! All in all an amazing birthday and I’m well and truly blessed to have such wonderful family and friends.

I’ve also been busily writing and getting work done on book 5 which is due for publication end of April 2018. I’m loving this story – I love Jackson Doherty and it was definitely about time TJ Tulley got her own story!

Then of course there was getting all Santa’s wrapping done – I often help him with the wrapping as he’s so busy this time of year and his elves are just run off their feet and complaining there’s not enough hours in the day! So I buy a few gifts and wrap them up ready to go! My house is decorated for the festive period and I love the sparkly lights associated with Christmas and the melee of colour that bursts forth. I actually adore Christmas – those who read my blog regularly will all know that I love to give gifts and this is the perfect time for me to spoil those special people for being so awesome!!

My plans for the rest of the month include much writing, much happiness and many smiles. And I hope you guys get everything you wish for and more! Greet the new year with a grin and let the happiness begin. Take care lovely people – and keep smiling!!

Hope, dreams and over doing it…

Well it’s been a funny old month in che Richardson. I’ve been crazy busy – we got accepted on a flat for Petes dad (he had a stroke 3 months ago) and we finally got the keys and started the cleaning and decorating process. Took 5 days and help from my bestie, Claire, and my lovely mum and dad, as well as me and peter. But we did it!! The hardest thing was cleaning all the nicotine off before decorating and the second hardest was moving the furniture (not that I did much moving at all with big strapping men present and my RA popping it’s head up to say hello). Was such a good feeling getting him in and settled. And best of all he loves it! 

This has led to me in over-doing it – rather a lot. Because obviously there wasn’t just his flat to sort. I still had work, hospital appointments (as taxi for everyone else not me), our house to take care of, Petes birthday (which he loved his pressie for – admittedly a great gift! Tickets to see Michael McIntyre!!!), etc etc. It turns out though making myself exhausted (in my defence I am off now and have leave booked in in a fortnight to so anticipated I’d rest then) is a very bad thing. Being so run down has given me shingles of all things! Never had it before – don’t want it again. Flipping painful it is! So I’m now chilling for a few days while the pain subsides. 

I’m actually off 5 weeks in total between now and the middle of October so plenty of time to rest – or in my case write!! With everything going on I’m behind schedule with book 5 so it’s doubtful it will be out this year as I’d hoped. The good news is it’ll be out early next year all being well. And then fingers crossed my first romantic suspense will be released too! I’m so enjoying writing them both – bit weird for me writing two things simultaneously but because I’ve started being more structured with my writing time it’s meant it’s quite easy (so far) to slip between the two. Book 5 is the fifth in the north east police series and features TJ Tulley and Jackson Doherty – and of course my fabulous bad guy! Romantic suspense is something I’ve wanted to do for a while – this ones book one in what I hope will be called the protector series. My female protagonist is Paige and the male is Gabe (and wow he is just … wow). I’m loving where the story is taking me. 

That brings me to my final title hint – hope. With being so busy and run off my feet, I can often lose focus and end up not writing for days on end while I sort things out. This sends me into a tailspin of worry and depression because for me especially, writing is a release. It helps me deal with my emotional baggage and the day to day of life. I find it hard to see past the finish line when I’m so focussed on the now. I’ve barely had any time to myself to meditate either and my sleep pattern has been shot. But last night, after being diagnosed with shingles yesterday and still pushing through to do a little baking (which also calms me down), I laid in bed thinking about hope and what I want for the future. I dropped rapidly off to sleep and slept all night which hasn’t happened in forever. As a result I woke feeling reasonably refreshed (refreshed isn’t something anyone with RA feels I don’t think so I’ll stick with reasonably) and more in tune with what I want than I have for a good long while. I knew I wanted to write but I now seem to have my focus back and can’t wait to get stuck back in later today. And lots of other things have settled in my brain too which will be addressed in the next few months. Hope is a fantastic thing- hope for a better future, hope for the inspiration to keep coming, hope to get my books finished and out there. Hope for the future and for everything to settle. 

I also hope for you guys – I hope your happy. I hope you can focus on your dreams and make them a reality. And I hope you keep smiling. That’s one of the most important things in life. Much love to you all.  And I’ll see you next time. X

Harrogate, inspiration and life…

Gosh it’s been a good while since my last blog post!! Apologies for that. But I’m here now so never fear. 

Got back from Harrogate Crime Festival on Sunday and boy do I have post Festival blues. I had a very enjoyable 3 days away – spent time chatting to old friends and new ones, went to my first ever publisher dinner which was fabulous – it was so great to meet so many other bloodhound and bombshell authors. 

The atmosphere of the whole festival was great as always. If you’ve never been to a Crime Festival and are a fan of Crime then harrogate is definitely a must attend. 

Met a lovely lady called Carole who gasped when I introduced myself – I promise I don’t bite or anything – it was just she recognised my name! She the very quickly checked her kindle and showed me she had my books but hadn’t read them yet. I introduced her to a couple of other bloodhound authors – the lovely David Evans and my brother from another mother Malcolm Hollingdrake. The two men charmed Carole even further by meeting her for a cuppa the next day. Hope you enjoy the signed book Carole, and all of the others from me and the other hounds! 

It’s always a very inspiring event too – every single time I want to come home and hide away whacking the keys on the keyboard and getting some words down. It probably has to do with the magic of so many fabulous authors being in the one place in an environment that means you can chat and get to know people socially, but at the same time being aware of just how many stories are out there because of these people. I don’t think I’m popular enough to be classed as anywhere near fabulous however many of those who go are literally legends to me! 

I’m just heading into my first days off since coming home and can’t wait to hole up and crack on with book 5. Sorry Cheryl Whiffen but your number may be up!! 

As mentioned above it’s been a while since my last post – this is because life has literally got in the way. Petes dad had a stroke about 6 weeks ago now – he was in hospital for a good while and is now in respite while we try and get a flat for him nearer to us. Which is a feat in itself! I never realised how hard it was applying for a council house! We’ve got his dogs at our house and our beloved Tala-monkey is at my mums having a holiday with her sister Tess. We miss her like crazy though – it’s bizarre how different someone else’s dogs are when you’re used to your own. 

Both me and Pete have been suffering ourselves lately anyway so it’s been a tough old couple of months. But there’s always light at the end of the tunnel so they say. I’m currently focusing on going from one day to the next and not looking too far ahead. I’m looking forward to getting some quality writing time in and spending time with friends and family. Hope you’re all doing the same – and as always my lovely friends, keep smiling. It uses less facial muscles than frowning so smiling will literally stop wrinkles! 😉

Books, glitches and signings…

I realised this morning that I’d completely forgotten to post a blog in April! Sincere apologies for that. I blame being so busy but in reality it was probably more to do with my forgetful brain! So much to mention – where to start!! 

You’ll probably have noticed the fourth book in the north east police series is out now – Watch You Burn was released on 2nd May by my fabulous publishers, bloodhound books. And it’s been a crazy fortnight since then! The book is doing really well in the Amazon kindle charts – getting to a cracking 186 before starting to drop back down a little slowly. Thanks so much to everyone who bought it! And also to everyone who got I’ve been watching you and time to play whilst they were on promo. Sincere apologies to those few who ordered from Amazon and somehow received the I’ve been watching you text inside the cover for time to play – it was a glitch on the Amazon end and I’ve been reassured that anyone who received the wrong copy can speak to Amazon who will forward on the correct version. 

Huge thanks to all the lovely bloggers who featured watch you burn as part of their blogs on the tour! Very much appreciated and lovely to chat to those of you I hadn’t spoken to before!! Special thanks to Caroline Vincent who’s responsible for the lovely advertising poster above which lists the signings I’ve got booked in over the next few weeks. She’s just fab. 

I’ve had cause to look back to a year ago and I have to say, my god how far I’ve come! It’s been a busy year – Escape and With Deadly Intent were published March/April time last year by caffeine nights, then I made the decision to approach Bloodhound Books who offered me a 3 book deal, and have since offered another 3 book deal so rest assured, fans of the north east police series, I’ve no intention of stopping yet!! Bloodhound published I’ve been watching you in June 2016, then Time to Play in September. They have just released Watch You Burn and I’m working now on book 5. 
Have I mentioned how much I love writing? Only like every week for the last year I’m sure, but I do. I still find it amazing that I can just lock myself away with my laptop and produce these stories that lovely folk just like you want to read! It still blows my mind! I’m so very grateful to each and every person who buys one of my books, and I love reading the reviews. Well, most of them. The 1* ones not so much but I do still read them in hope they’re constructive and I can learn from them. 

We’ve had a lot going on as the Femme Fatales of the north east too. This consists of myself, Sheila Quigley, Danielle Ramsay and Eileen Wharton. We work as a panel and have been doing events in Waterstones stores, have some booked in for libraries and have even been on the radio. We would be happy to attend any other venues that would like to feature our Q&A sessions too! So if you’re looking for a group of women who are both self-published and published via traditional publishers then get in touch. Between us we have 23 books out so that’s a lot of experience and stories for us to chat about. 

In the upcoming weeks I’ve got signings booked in as per the poster above, and we’ve become involved in doing something called Noir at the Bar. We used to attend these as writers but have now branched into running them as events. Keep an eye on Facebook for further details of upcoming events. 

This blog has been all about the writing hasn’t it! I normally like to inject a little of my everyday life too. Me and Pete are heading to a lovely caravan for a few days in the near future. I’m hoping to get lots of writing and reading done. Short breaks like that are great for giving me inspiration! Another thing that inspires me are people. You all give me so much that I can include in my writing and I’m most grateful. I think I’ll wind this one up here, and say have a fabulous month. And as always, keep smiling. Xx

Events, spring and writing…

It’s been a bit of a crazy month for me. Book 4 has been edited and is due out next week! Eek! So exciting. I’ve celebrated the 1 year anniversary of the publication of my first book – can’t believe it’s been a year! So much has happened. I’d like to think my writing has grown during that time too – that with setting new goals and focussing so much on my writing that I’ve grown as an author. I hope that’s true! 

It’s been a busy month for events and meetings too. I attended a lovely meet up in Newcastle which was fab – great to meet readers and writers! Hopefully there’ll be another one scheduled soon. In the meantime, the Femme Fatales of the north east, myself, Danielle Ramsay, Eileen Wharton and Sheila Quigley, have got some great events scheduled in that you lovely readers will love! Come join us on 4th May at a panel event at Waterstones in Sunderland. We’ll be interviewed by the lovely Jacky Collins of Northumbria Uni – tickets available here – then on 11th May we are taking part in the first ever Noir at the Bar Sunderland! There’s 10 amazing northern based authors taking part and this ones free to attend – well worth a visit! 

There’s also the fabulous Newcastle Noir on over this coming weekend – the highlight for me will be the fab Geordie panel featuring none other than the fabulous Howard Linsky and Louise Ross among others. I’m not on a panel but will be milling about the area! 

I’m loving how everything is bursting into life at the minute. Spring is a season of regeneration, of growth. Granted it leads into summer which for me is the worst season (wasps!!) but I love the buds on the trees and the flowers. I’ve already sorted out my pots and planted my seedlings. I did think though that planting all these plants is counterproductive as it  attracts the dastardly stinging demons but it all looks so pretty and I’d love to be able to sit in the garden this year! 

My plans over the next month consist of getting my taxes done, and focussing plenty of time on writing and events. It’s so amazing knowing that I’m part of a fabulous huge family of writers, readers, bloggers etc. It’s so supportive and I’m humbled to be part of it. I look forward to it continuing for a very long time!! 

Lastly for this month, I’d like to say a massive thank you to you. Whether you’re a close friend, family or another writer or reader. You make waking up in the morning worth it – you make me want to keep writing! So go make yourself that cuppa or pour that glass of wine. Cheers to you for being awesome. And as always, keep smiling. Xx

Support, smiles and writing…

It’s been a busy old month – I’ve had a bit of time off work and have enjoyed a few writing events which have been fantastic. The above pic is the ‘femme fatales of the north east’ – myself, Sheila Quigley, Eileen Wharton and Danielle Ramsay. This was taken at the event we did at Waterstones Newcastle in March. I love this photo – and I don’t love many that include myself in all honesty. This photo shows 4 incredibly strong women authors, who have become even stronger because we work together. We push each other’s work, we support each other and we became friends through these stories that we write. It still moves me incredibly and makes me so thankful that I have such supportive peers who believe in me as I do them. 

This event was a great success – its opening doors for us doing similar things at other venues so keep your eyes peeled. Events like this are a great way for readers to come and meet and speak to their favourite authors. We love seeing you! So if you notice an event you’re interested in please attend. Keep an eye on my Facebook page for further information re events. 

As well as receiving support from these wonderful women, and many others re my writing, I also get a lot from my friends and family. If you’re a regular reader of this little blog of mine, you all know I’m open about having an illness and you occasionally see some of the struggles I face because of it. My friends and family are so supportive of this – always there with a shoulder or a hand if I need it which is greatly appreciated. It’s been a really rough couple of months for my body. I’ve had a lot more pain, which is shown by my inflammation levels rising in the regular blood tests i receive. The fatigue has been a steady constant too which I do try and assist myself with but it’s so hard sometimes to get motivated when all I want to do is stay on the couch and not move. I’ve started on a second set of RA meds which in all honesty haven’t had a lot of effect and have to have a steroid jab shortly. When I first found out I had RA (almost 2 years ago now) I was both devastated and relieved. I thought RA was something old people got, the same as most people who know little about illnesses that they don’t have themselves. It took me a long time to come to terms with having it, and even longer to accept it – this I still struggle with at times. In those 2 short years, I’ve gone part time at work to facilitate taking better care of myself and am so grateful to be in a position where I can do that. 

But at times I do wonder what the future will hold. I often use voice activation software now to write – it takes some getting used to – talking instead of typing – but I’m getting there slowly. Writing provides great therapy for my depression – when I’m writing I’m less inclined to be taken over by the black dog though admittedly I do still have bad days. I’m a big believer that arts and crafts of any kind can give people an escape of sorts. Whether it be drawing, writing, reading or physically making things. It’s personal preference but I think if you have something like depression, then it gives your mind something to focus on that is outside of the black cloud. You might think I’m talking bollocks – and you might be right – but it works for me. 

I’m still humbled and awed at the lovely comments I receive for my books – I hope that feeling never goes away. It makes me believe each day that what I do is something precious – I love knowing that people are enjoying it and that they want me to write more. And there’s always the few who don’t – they (judging by my 1* reviews which aren’t many I grant you but still there) hate my writing and think I can’t write for toffee. But I thank them all too – because at least they bought it and gave it a go. At least they’re reading. Not every book will be to everyone’s tastes and that includes me. But I focus on the fact I’m enjoying doing something that brings pleasure to other people – writing is such a big part of my life that I can’t ever imagine not doing it. And no matter what happens with my RA – that will continue. 

So finally I just want to say thank you to everyone who reads this blog – you are the reason I write it. Keep smiling, keep reading and most of all, keep being you. Much love. Xx

Family, driving and smiles…

I’m writing this blog in the early morning from my hotel room in Thurso in Scotland. The photo above is of the harbour in Wick.

I’m quite late in the month writing this one – it’s been a funny old month since my last blog. Pete (hubby) had another flare of his ulcerative colitis and has now been put on additional medications – he’s doing much better now than he was so hopefully this is it and he’s on the road to feeling better now. 

I’ve been ok – typical cold as is the norm for this time of year and absolutely shattered but otherwise ok. So when mum suggested we come up to Scotland to visit my aunt, I pretty much snapped her hand off. You all know I love Scotland – it’s like coming home as we drive up here. I have no doubts one day I’ll end up living here. 

Where my aunt used to live is really remote – literally 26 miles down a single track (with an additional 14 miles to the other end). Craggie had the most amazing views and wildlife. But being so remote made life somewhat tough for her and my ill uncle. She made the decision last year to move into a village near Thurso – and it’s absolutely wonderful. It’s close to everything for her and the house is gorgeous. 

Yesterday was a lovely day – the sun was shining, and we went out for a slice of cake from the fabulous Wickers World in Wick (if you’re ever up there give it a whirl – best cake ever!) 

Me and mum are heading back down today – always breaks a little piece off my heart to leave as this place truly does have the capacity to bring me peace. On the other side of it though, it’s always nice to come home. And my gorgeous hubby and pup will be waiting. 

I’ve not had time to do any writing while in Scotland – but I’ve got 9 days off coming up and I’m intending to make a good dent in book 5. I can’t wait for you to read it. I’m loving getting to know TJ properly – and the gruff Jackson. I’ve also been getting some cover designs through for book 4 and WOW! It’s going to blow your socks off. Bloodhound have some fantastic designers on board! 

I think that’s it for this month though – hope you all have a fabulous month. Keep smiling lovely people. 😘